Pay-TV Innovation Forum

Launched in 2016, the Pay-TV Innovation Forum is a global research programme for senior executives developed by NAGRA and MTM designed to explore the biggest challenges facing pay-TV operators and content owners at a time of unprecedented change.
Pay-TV Innovation Forum
The 2019 edition kicked off in March and will run through to September. It includes in-depth interviews, a global survey with leading industry executives, as well as a special report on the growth of premium sports OTT services around the world, as well as regional seminars designed to encourage focused discussions among executives to identify the key challenges and opportunities facing the industry. The flagship final report, which summarises key findings from the programme, has been published on September 11.
2019 Global Findings Report
The flagship final report summarises key findings and insights collected from industry executives across four regions - Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America - and examines key market trends and developments, the most significant challenges facing pay-TV providers and industry executive priorities for opportunities and investments going forward.
2019 Regional Findings
Pay-TV Innovation Forum European Report
25 Jun 2019
Key findings from the European edition of the 2019 Pay-TV Innovation Forum.
North America
06 Aug 2019
Key findings from the North American edition of the 2019 Pay-TV Innovation Forum.
Latin America
22 Aug 2019
Key findings from the Latin American edition of the 2019 Pay-TV Innovation Forum.
Sports OTT Special Report
The proliferation of sports OTT services calls into question the future role of sports in pay-TV. Get valuable insight into the changing landscape of sports OTT services and their impact on traditional pay-TV service providers through this special report by the Pay-TV Innovation Forum.
Key topics addressed in the 2019 edition include:
OTT growth, particularly in the area of sports OTT
Next generation aggregation
Data and analytics, AI and machine learning
Piracy, particularly in the area of premium sports
Pay-TV transformation

Participation in seminars and surveys is limited to industry executives and is by invitation only. ***Please note that registration for our regional seminars is now closed.***
Missed one of our past editions?
Get your copy of some of most comprehensive reports yet on the global state of innovation in the pay-TV industry. Providing valuable insights and year-over-year comparisons, these past editions highlight important challenges facing pay-TV providers and content owners, exploring key market trends, the impact of piracy and perspectives on the most attractive areas of opportunity and innovation priorities – in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America.
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