Get access to competent and professional support assistance in operating your systems
A team of highly skilled and experienced technical engineers is ready to meet your needs and assist with guidance, system changes in case of system disturbances. With major support centres around the world as well as regional support offices, our customers are ensured a prompt response and a wide range of expertise.
NAGRA Customer Care Portal
The information site where customers can place all type of support requests. This can be urgent requests that need immediate attention and/or non-urgent requests for planned operation and configuration changes.
NAGRA Integra
The information site for our Conax products and solutions portfolio. It provides partners, developers and system integrators with a test system and documentation that can be used in the integration process.
STB Integration Support
The portals for STB manufacturers integrating NAGRA and Conax technologies into their devices. There are currently two different portals: Partner Access Service System (PASS) to download integration documentation and test kits and Extranet for any other requests to the STB Integration Support team.