Defeat piracy through active security
We help studios, sports rights owners and pay-TV service providers protect the value of their premium content by securing their channels, live events and movies.
NAGRA proactively fights the growing scale and sophistication of ever-evolving piracy threats. Whether it’s a breach on broadcast systems or IPTV piracy using Kodi add-ons, NAGRA's anti-piracy technologies and services can manage and disrupt piracy.
Threat assessment
NAGRA's Threat Assessment service is the cornerstone of our Anti-Piracy program. It identifies the most impactful areas of piracy, to help support the anti-piracy business case and define where our client's anti-piracy resources should be targeted.
Live streaming piracy
We disrupt the illicit distribution of content and return viewers to the legitimate value chain by using the right balance between technology, investigations and legal support services. NAGRA covers the entire spectrum of commercial piracy, from web streaming to paid IPTV services, Kodi add-ons and apps.
Anti-piracy live streaming
Key sharing piracy

NAGRA protects the value of broadcast systems deployments through advanced Control Word-sharing programs that include piracy monitoring, detection and countermeasure actions that translate into revenue security and peace of mind for service providers.
Advanced technical & legal expertise
Our advanced service offering leverages over 20 years of experience in conditional access systems, hardware forensics and legal investigations to fight piracy at the international level. We are also involved with the leading anti-piracy organizations worldwide, providing insight and expertise to help policymakers set the proper legal framework to protect intellectual property rights.
The Kudelski Security team of cybersecurity specialists can provide tailored solutions and services to protect your business, your IT infrastructure and your network operations, including technology consulting, managed security services, cyber staffing and IoT security.
Latest News
Press release
NAGRA Content Value Protection Android TV
NAGRA takes Android TV security to the next level with end-to-end content value protection ecosystem
NAGRA offers a holistic system that provides the highest level of content security in the market.
Press release
NAGRA announces integration of NexGuard watermarking and Inside Secure’s downloadable security solution
Collaboration ensures secure implementation of watermarking in open connected devices
Press release
NAGRA NexGuard QuickMark
NAGRA launches NexGuard QuickMark watermarking solution to combat piracy of premium sports
QuickMark subscriber-level watermarking solution now offered globally as part of NAGRA’s powerful suite of Anti-Piracy Services