Drive Effective Action Against Piracy

Protecting your content, rights, and revenues - whether for live sports, linear, or on-demand – requires effort, dedication, and data intelligence.

Your content has been pirated. What can be done now?

Whether your organization’s internal anti-piracy team is small or large, NAGRA’s Anti-Piracy Intelligence and Investigations Services have the capability to help you inform and execute an anti-piracy strategy that achieves your objectives.

From the intelligence to identify, prioritize and track pirate offenders to the technical information to understand their operational footprint, and the full legal support for successful prosecutions.

NAGRA Anti-Piracy Services

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence







Identify and prioritize piracy threats

Ecosystem Explorer

Ecosystem Explorer







Empower your team to accelerate  and enhance investigations

Investigation Services

Investigation Services







Have expert investigators propose enforcement strategies

A Straightforward Approach

Our service is designed to support existing teams by delivering clear and concise evidence through a simple four-stage approach.
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Boost Your Anti-Piracy Team’s Performance

Anti-Piracy Checklist
Partnering with NAGRA can help empower your team to work faster and more efficiently, discovering and capturing more pirates by prioritizing team efforts for the most significant anti-piracy impact.

NAGRA has over 25 years’ experience in leading and supporting technical and legal work against pirates.
Anti-Piracy Battle

The Battle Against Piracy is Winnable When We Work Together

Our focus is – and always has been – on collaboration. We work with law enforcement agencies, intelligence networks, coalitions of anti-piracy companies, and a broad range of like-minded media and entertainment organizations to stop the piracy momentum and reverse the trend.

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The Enemy Within – The Impact of CDN Piracy

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