Turn your TV into an set-top box
From conditional access modules (CAMs) to dongles to embedded CAS/DRM, NAGRA has multiple solutions for your “direct-to-TV” use case.
While direct-to-TV is not a new concept, service providers struggle to offer “STB-like” vertical experiences and instant service activation to users of connected TVs. Together with TV manufacturers and service providers, NAGRA has built innovative solutions to turn TVs into set-top boxes.
NAGRA Connect for TV
NAGRA Connect for TV leverages the market-proven, converged NAGRA Connect CAS/DRM client now embedded directly to TV manufacturer hardware. Our open partner policy enables any TV manufacturer to join the revolutionary approach to delivering premium content directly to connected TVs without any additional devices. Instant service activation and the need for only one remote control practically guarantee great customer satisfaction.
TVkey is the secure and consumer-friendly, direct-to-TV solution by NAGRA and Samsung that allows consumers to enjoy premium content directly on new TV sets. Through a simple sign-up process with their pay-TV provider, consumers can experience high-quality content, including 4K Ultra HD and HDR, directly on all Samsung Smart TVs using the TV remote control. The system provides the highest level of content protection and TVkey USB dongle offers a fast and secure way for pay-TV operators to bring advanced services directly to new consumer TV sets.
TVkey Cloud
TVkey Cloud brings pay-TV services directly to Internet-connected Smart TVs without the need for any external device. Building upon the existing TVkey specification deployed in the market today, the increased availability of Internet-connected Smart TVs opens up exciting new possibilities to combine the security capabilities of the TVkey embedded hardware in the TV with sophisticated security management systems in the cloud. TVkey Cloud is open to a wide ecosystem of industry players, including conditional access vendors and TV manufacturers, and complies with MovieLabs requirements for Enhanced Content Protection of 4K Ultra HD, HDR, and early release content.
Conditional Access Modules
Conditional Access Modules (CAMs) are used daily by millions of subscribers worldwide to enable secure access to pay-TV programs and services. Integrated with NAGRA content protection and relying on the DVB CI and CI Plus standards, CAM modules enable pay-TV operators to deliver premium 4K Ultra HD content directly to integrated TV sets (iDTV) through broadcast or broadband IP network without the needs of a set-top box.
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