Are you looking to secure your content for distribution over the internet?

Our NAGRA multi-DRM solution is designed exactly for this purpose. It’s also designed to work seamlessly with any existing solutions you may have so we can get you up and running in no time.​

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Why Choose NAGRA for Your Multi-DRM Services

Our highly scalable multi-DRM solution delivers content protection by leveraging both platform DRM and advanced features to ensure operators maximize their service reach and achieve operational efficiency.

Register for our multi-DRM 30-day free trial and experience the following in our new streamlined portal:​

• Centralized Dashboard
• Content Wizard to set parameters to use with your packager of choice​
• Test with our demo content or integrate your own​
• Bug-trace through our helpful debug tool​
• Integrate our player SDK’s with your own apps
How Multi-DRM Works

Multi-DRM: The NAGRA Difference

Why have a Multi-DRM Solution?​

Distributing content across the internet on an endless list of devices needs a common security framework.  Multi-DRM is the basis of that solution.​

What is the NAGRA approach?​

Supporting all the major DRM’s, the NAGRA approach also provides its own DRM for those devices that aren’t supported.  Common content protection rules maximize reach and efficiency to ensure that updates are provided regularly.  When it comes to integration,  we know this can be complex and that’s why our innovative NAGRA token approach ensures rapid and seamless integration with your existing business platform.​

How will the client benefit​?

Benefit from a proven, scalable solution that is designed to seamlessly react to peaks and troughs in service usage.  With centralized key management across a range of pre-integrated packagers (including AWS Elemental, Broadpeak, Harmonic, MediaKind, Wowza and Shaka) you’re all set to protect your content with studio and content provider approved security.  What’s more, to optimize your operations, you will also benefit from easy-to-set business rules that ensure there’s only ever one set of content protection policies in place.

Why Eventive Chose NAGRA for Their Multi-DRM Solution

With NAGRA Active Streaming Protection components providing studio-grade multi-DRM protection and forensic watermarking, Eventive has grown exponentially to serve millions of viewers. Content creators and exhibitors have seen the value of extending content availability with some festival partners reaching ten times the audience they would have in person.

Our Multi-DRM Solution Feature Set

Feature Set 1
Feature Set 2
Feature Set 3
Feature Set 4

A flexible pricing plan that grows with you

*Maximum throughput of 100 licenses/second.

For 5M licenses and above please contact NAGRA for Enterprise pricing.​

Trusted Partners

We know that the player you use is a matter of personal choice. So, when it comes to deploying your live system, you can choose from either NAGRA’s player or one from our partners. All are pre-integrated so there will be no complex coding to worry about.

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