Multi-DRM - The Baseline of Your Secure OTT Streaming Strategy

Why Multi-DRM

Our highly scalable multi-DRM solution delivers content protection by leveraging both platform DRM and advanced features to ensure operators maximise their service reach and achieve operational efficiency.

Multi-DRM solution 30-day free trial

Protecting your valuable video assets across multiple platforms should be easy. Our 30 - day free trial will give you unlimited access to demo your content. Here are some of the highlights you will experience:

• Easy parameter set-up through our content wizard
• Create unique tokens to use with your packager of choice
• Test the solution with our test content or your own
• Full debug support with our Debug Log
• Download our player SDKs to integrate with your website or apps


Securely scale across all devices

Support leading DRMs such as PlayReady, FairPlay and Widevine but if you've got a device that isn’t supported, NAGRA PRM is the answer for both set-top boxes (including 4K) and open devices​.

Benefit from regular updates​

NAGRA Multi-DRM manages all the latest DRM updates ensuring latest features and improvements can be utilised as soon as possible.

One ruleset for all

Benefit from common content protection policies and usage rules to maximise both operational efficiency and service reach.​

Pre-integrated packagers​

Enjoy all the benefits of centralised key management for operational efficiency.​ Partners include AWS Elemental, Broadpeak, Harmonic, MediaKind, Wowza and Shaka.

Token-based integration​

Forget about complex integration projects - NAGRA Multi-DRM uses tokens to quickly and seamlessly integrate with your business platform.​

Advanced use-case support

Benefit from access to advanced tools such as key change, pre-delivery, PPV support and support for DASH-IF CPIX.  Extend further to support watermarking for OTT.

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