Fast track your Android TV journey

The NAGRA Android Fast Track program combines a highly secure and fully featured ecosystem of technologies, partners and services to successfully plan world-class hybrid and OTT deployments and execute on the Android TV journey.

Leveraging a long standing experience in Android based OTT and hybrid TV, NAGRA is your natural deployment partner for Android TV as witnessed by a series of successful recent service launches.

10M Android based consumer devices since 2014 – 6 Android TV deployments with 10+ STB models – 13 Android TV projects launching
World’s first MediaCAS deployment imminent.

Our Android TV Customers

Here is a sample of Android TV deployments we've enabled for our customers.
Canal Digital
In a first-of-its kind launch for Norway, NAGRA secured the operator’s OnePlace service to enable easy access to 4K Ultra HD content from one unified user interface, advanced features like voice search and casting from any mobile device.
NAGRA cardless content protection helped to secure PT LinkNet's new Android TV pay-TV service on hybrid broadcast/OTT cable set-top boxes delivering live, PVR and OTT.
Taiwan Broadband Communications (TBC)
TBC is one of the leading multi-system cable operators in Taiwan. Their vision is to provide seamless access to the most compelling and competitive suite of media and communication products in Taiwan.

Destination Android TV has become one of the mainstream options for the pay-TV market. Find out whether this is something for you to consider.

Successful planning


Travel insurance (safety first)

The high value of premium TV content implies that it is a high value prospect for piracy operations and your belongings need total protection.


Selecting your travel companions

Select among the best-in-breed companions to bring shared added value on the journey in order to make that journey painless and profitable.



Sightseeing & experiences

Great journeys deliver beautiful vistas, amazing experiences and things to write home about. Make the journey memorable.



Enhancing the journey

Understand, analyze and re-organize to make the experience even greater with your journey-management based on the real-time feedback and analytics.

Advantages of the Android TV journey

Minimize time to market

– Six to nine months to launch Android TV operation and STB
– Pre-integration and reference design program
– Frameworks for CAS and DRM integration
– Netflix (and other apps) certification ready or available

Reduce total cost of ownership

– Complete ecosystem targeted at TV operators
– Regular, modular and cloud-driven updates
– Access to >4000 TV-centric apps in Google Play Store, always up-to-date, no maintenance fee

Grow customer lifetime value

– Operator tier allowing operator to own UX
– Keep control of HDMI 1 - access to apps & casting
– Google assistant and voice search prioritizing operator results
– Direct carrier billing with app revenue share model


Book your journey

A successful Android TV journey to your destination of choice.

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NAGRA Android TV Fast Track ecosystem

– Flexible and fast launch through NAGRA cloud.SSP cloud-native Security Services Platform
– Lightweight security client integration through MediaCAS and Media DRM frameworks
– Comprehensive anti-piracy services leveraging NexGuard forensic watermarking
– OpenTV Platform modular business backend, field proven to scale for large Android TV and multiscreen deployments
– OpenTV Secure Player for portable devices
– User Experience with operator tier custom launcher
– Reference integration programme, system integration, consulting programme
Android TV

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