Is Android the right travel destination?


With NAGRA’s pay-TV solution package of security and business services the addition of Android TV offers more features that will make for a superlative pay-TV offering


Operators need to evolve their services rapidly to remain competitive against traditional and new competitors

Android is a highly desirable operating system for TV devices. The additional features and business opportunities with content partnerships offered by Google add to the pay-TV package we can deliver.

There are several flavors of Android and the pay-TV market should consider those business needs and all the technical implications before they choose which direction to travel.

Travel insurance (safety first)

Premium content2

- Portfolio of CAS & DRM for all broadband, broadcast and hybrid use cases
- Fast time to market with pre-integration (SoC vendors and STB OEMs)
- MediaCAS and MediaDRM frameworks integration
- Unify security with NAGRA Security Services Platform Cloud/On-premise

- NexGuard forensic watermarking technologies and service
- MovieLabs ECP compliant for premium UHD content
- Hardware-based separation of the pay-TV environment (more secure)
- Anti-piracy services offering a unique closed-loop approach
Open TV android_white space

Unified security solution

NAGRA Security Services Platform (SSP) is truly modular, enabling it to be easily integrated with existing systems and third party solutions. It supports separation of business logic and security logic, enabling operators to choose best-in-breed business and content management platforms without compromising security.

Content value protection that fits your needs

- Secure hybrid broadcast/broadband networks
- Support intermittent broadband or segments that are not connected
- Secure premium UHD content on the Android TV platform
- Android presents a large attack surface that requires extensive platform security expertise

Selecting your travel companions


Reference integration program to shorten time-to-market

NAGRA Android TV Fast Track supports a range of security integrations, leveraging Connect TKL for TEE based chipsets and Connect or Protect for NOCS3.1 chipsets, all following the MediaCAS framework and providing built-in support for live-TV and PVR.

A reference Android TV STBs program with selected OEMs

NAGRA is working closely with key industry partners to shorten time-to-market for Android TV solutions through an extensive reference integration program covering:
- Build off-the-shelf Android TV STB offering based on reference design from SoC vendors
- Enable quick and easy demonstrations to prospective operators
- Enable quick and easy customization to operator’s need, and delivery of fully functional Android TV STB in a few months

Sightseeing & Experiences

Operator UI-UX

A key element of the user experience is the ability to promote and enhance the utilization of your content catalogue. In Android TV this is done through an operator app which is either integrated with the Android TV Standard Launcher or built as an Operator Tier Custom Launcher.

OpenTV Platform

Sophisticated back-office platform for Android TV and multiscreen deployments:

– Live and on-demand services
– Media content management
– Editorial management and promotion
– Content discovery
– Operator console

OpenTV Experience

Compelling and immersive multiscreen user experience:

– Operator app for Android TV
– Operator tier custom launcher option
– Rich multi-device support
– Choose the content journey


Enhancing the journey

With instant feedback, as you and your companions travel, enables you to enhance the entire experience.

NAGRA offers both MML and AI data analytics (NAGRA Insight & OpenTV console) for QoE and QoS taking all feedback so that you can take immediate action to

- improve operations
- improve experiences
- improve overall return on the investment


Book your journey

Planning a complex journey can be stressful. Using a travel agency allows you to enjoy the journey knowing you are in safe hands.
Our expertise and assistance with our Android Systems Integration Package (SI) ensures:

- that the journey is well planned
- fully detailed
- goal oriented and brought to successful completion