• Multi-journey

  • people

  • Discovery

  • they love

  • Entertainment

  • Connecting

  • All-screen

  • to the content

  • Immersive

  • Connecting people to

    the content they love

Our range of secure pay-TV solutions are built around the concept of three key journeys: content discovery, content monetisation and deployment.
Content discovery
Our product range offers a diverse set of User Experiences that can be as simple or as sophisticated as you require. Offer your consumer the best content discovery possible and satisfy all levels of users from basic to the content connoisseur so that you offer the best-in-class service.
Content monetisation
Our products are packed with the tools and mechanisms and services that allow you to curate a complete understanding of your network operations (QoS/QoE), content catalogue performance and deep understanding of your consumer base so that you can fully maximise your investments and proactively monetize your content and services.
We have a range of products that offer the right journey to take your business to the next level.
OpenTV Signature Edition

Maximise content value and deliver a unified, intuitive and seamless user experience across all screens through a unique multi-journey UI for a gratifying viewing experience.

Conax GO Live

Benefit from a wide selection of pre-integrated partners in encoding, packaging and CDN technologies for streaming your live TV-channels to iOS and Android devices. Guaranteed to deploy in less than 30 days!

DVnor dSpree

Create an OTT service from stored assets or combine secured digital and physical products for an online video store or OTT service with dSpree, a component of DVnor’s secure Media Asset Management tool, DVnor Organizer.

Design your own journey with OpenTV Suite
OpenTV Suite provides the key building blocks required for today's fully integrated multi service pay-TV solutions: OpenTV Experience, OpenTV Platform, OpenTV Player and OpenTV OS. UltraHD, HbbTV, ATSC 3.0 ready.
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