Streamline IPTV and OTT services into one compelling experience

For the broadband and mobile telco core business, multiscreen video is an essential asset to reduce churn and smartly monetise service bundles. Now is the time to converge all telco video products into a single experience that truly engages the consumer.

Telco TV offers have been IP-based and interactive from the very start of IPTV, but all too often multicast IPTV and multiscreen OTT still live alongside each other.

We can now streamline the entire video infrastructure with advanced OTT and cloud technologies to simplify service creation, service protection and monetisation.

A streamlined service creation environment

Converging IPTV and OTT services into a single engaging experience and blending them seamlessly into an existing telco operation requires a modular OVP platform like OpenTV Suite allowing for continuous service evolution and active content monetisation.

Enable a wide variety of consumer devices

Create a coherent service across all CE device ecosystems including STB OS, Android TV, iOS, Android, PC and Mac, with OpenTV Suite. Should Android TV be your preferred route, there is a way to fast track your deployment journey. Or offer your service directly on smart TVs without any additional hardware with TVkey Cloud.

Modular and holistic content value protection

A streamlined service creation and content management workflow only really comes to fruition when converging the management of content value protection into a single Security Services Platform that unifies multiple CE platform DRMs, converges device authentication, and actively manages watermarking. Find out about NAGRA cloud.SSP, the comprehensive security platform for digital media.

Actionable business intelligence

Telcos have access to a vast amount of data waiting to be leveraged into actionable business strategies. NAGRA Insight is an EBIT-oriented platform created by TV experts to attract, retain and grow the customer base.

The solution?

NAGRA offers an “IP-fied” and cloud-ready set of innovative products and solutions that enable telco providers to address the rapidly evolving needs of their fixed and mobile broadband subscribers, driving up monetisation opportunities.