Securing streaming content and services is never one-dimensional. Are you fully protected?

Active Streaming Protection

Active Streaming Protection is a framework of tools and technologies designed to securely address the threat of piracy for OTT content and its underlying service. Confidently drive advanced business models with a toolkit that goes beyond multi-DRM to secure your content, service, and revenue.

Addressing evolving content and service piracy threats requires holistic streaming protection. NAGRA Active Streaming Protection solutions are ready to help secure your content, service, and revenue in ways that go beyond multi-DRM.

ASP Shield
Security Alanytics
Security Monitoring & Analytics
A layer of data-fueled intelligence halos across the entire framework to help identify a range of threats and recommend specific actions.

Includes: Threat & Piracy Monitoring.
Access Control
Access Control & Service Protection
Enable advanced business models with enforcement and ensure your service is accessed by legitimate users only and protected against cyberthreats.

Includes: Authorization, Session Control and Device Authentication.
Secure Playback
Secure Playback & Compliance
Protect the content you license and comply with the content owner’s security requirements.

Includes: Multi-DRM, Geo-Blocking and Forensic Watermarking.
Application Protection
Application Protection
Safeguard and harden your different applications’ IP and business logic to protect against software attacks.

Includes: App Hardening and Audit.
Managed Device Protection
Managed Device Protection
Protect subsidized devices such as set-top boxes ensuring extended service longevity.

Includes: Android TV Threat Mitigation, Device Certification & Security.
Fraud Detection & Prevention
Fraud Detection & Prevention
Fight against content and credential sharing, identify leak sources, and perform often automatic and immediate mitigation actions to prevent revenue loss.

Includes: Account Sharing, VPN/Proxy and Anomaly Detection & Blacklisting.

NAGRA Active Streaming Protection provides video service operators with a complete and flexible solution set to effectively manage security risks related to content and service and to drive advanced business models with confidence.

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