Is multi-DRM enough for your OTT service?

Protecting streaming services now requires multiple technologies working together to address content and service piracy threats. Our active streaming protection toolkit goes beyond multi-DRM to secure your content, your service and your revenue.
Advanced security

Complete CAS/DRM/multi-DRM solution with advanced capabilities managed by a single security platform.

Secure playback

Secure client with multi-DRM playback, device authentication and business logic protection.

Secure streaming

Secure OTT streaming sessions through business logic such as session control or device authentication.

Security analytics

Data-fueled intelligence that identifies a range of threats and recommends specific actions.

Forensic watermarking

Forensic watermarking to protect investments in content and guard against service and content piracy.

Anti-piracy services

A solid defence against content and service piracy through deep intelligence, real-time monitoring, take-downs and litigation.

NAGRA Multi-DRM provides the baseline of our active streaming protection toolset designed to provide a pragmatic approach to securing your OTT streaming service​.
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