Transform protection from a cost center to a profit center

Where are you on your OTT Streaming Journey?

I’m just starting a service and looking for help

ASP Start Service







Operators just getting started have a lot on their plate. Costs, integration considerations, geographic issues. At a minimum you would like to protect the service from piracy.

I want to enhance and expand my service

ASP - Expand







You might need to extend service reach by porting your app to new device platforms or enable advanced business models where proper access control and enforcement are required.

I’m established and need to protect my service and revenues

ASP - Protect Service







You have an established service to continue growing with premium content to protect. You’re looking for data insights to help make informed decisions and tools to fight off piracy.

Active Streaming Protection provides value and options for all operators

Piracy lurks everywhere, plus new competitors continue to emerge to try and lure subscribers away.

NAGRA has developed a holistic approach to address security gaps open to pirates, covering devices, applications, service platforms, and content delivery networks ensuring end to end protection.

Active Streaming Protection Framework

Together our solutions power holistic protection.
Components can be purchased individually and given the framework's flexibility you can always add on.

Active Streaming Protection has passed an AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) which validates its use and integration with AWS services.

Addressing challenges with a holistic protection approach

Achieve Compliance

Onboard any premium content meeting ever increasing security requirements.

Protect Consumers & Your Brand

Malware could hold consumer data to ransom, sale to cyber criminals, or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Ensure consumers and your brand are protected.

Reduce Risks

Address security gaps open to pirates across your ecosystem, covering devices, applications, service platforms, and content delivery networks.

Combat Fraud

Combat service fraud such as credential sharing and the associated revenue loss by enabling blacklisting, blocking, and takedown techniques.

Maximize Revenue

Utilize data-fueled intelligence to understand content and service consumption patterns and then develop proactive, segment driven action plans.

ASP Shield
Security Alanytics
Security Monitoring & Analytics
A layer of data-fueled intelligence halos across the entire framework to help identify a range of threats and recommend specific actions.

Includes: Threat & Piracy Monitoring.
Access Control
Access Control & Service Protection
Enable advanced business models with enforcement and ensure your service is accessed by legitimate users only and protected against cyberthreats.

Includes: Authorization, Session Control and Device Authentication.
Secure Playback
Secure Playback & Compliance
Protect the content you license and comply with the content owner’s security requirements.

Includes: Multi-DRM, Geo-Blocking and Forensic Watermarking.
Application Protection
Application Protection
Safeguard and harden your different applications’ IP and business logic to protect against software attacks.

Includes: App Hardening and Audit.
Managed Device Protection
Managed Device Protection
Protect subsidized devices such as set-top boxes ensuring extended service longevity.

Includes: Android TV Threat Mitigation, Device Certification & Security.
Fraud Detection & Prevention
Fraud Detection & Prevention
Fight against content and credential sharing, identify leak sources, and perform often automatic and immediate mitigation actions to prevent revenue loss.

Includes: Account Sharing, VPN/Proxy and Anomaly Detection & Blacklisting.
ASP Checklist

Go beyond multi-DRM to secure and protect your content, service, and revenue

Regardless of your need, the Active Streaming Protection framework has the components and modules to help. You can select what you need and always add on seamlessly as new challenges come your way.

Just need content security for distribution over the Internet?

Our NAGRA multi-DRM solution is designed exactly for this purpose. It’s also designed to work seamlessly with any existing solutions you may have so we can get you up and running in no time.

Featured Case Studies

ASP Pirate

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