Protecting the Consumer’s Digital World with NAGRA Scout

Today’s consumers are hyper-connected but the tools to protect them are fragmented leaving users concerned about their digital lives being accessible to hackers.

Connected Lifestyle Security

NAGRA Scout provides broadband service operators with intelligent home network security. Our software is easily integrated into compatible existing or new routers / gateways so that broadband subscribers can easily manage and monitor home network activity via a single app.
Home Scout - protection

Adaptive Protection

Benefit from ahead-of-the-curve security as the solution adapts to changing behavior and threat patterns to keep consumers safe and prevent attacks before they happen. NAGRA Scout looks after home network security while consumers stay firmly in control.

Household Protection

Protect the whole household through a range of tools such as password management, parental control and device access times. Consumers can also control access to defined content categories to keep all the family safe.
Nagra scout
Home Scout - Alert

Subscriber Benefits

NAGRA Scout provides reminders and alerts about the actions that matter to subscribers, such as home/away notifications. They can extend protection to new devices and family members, including those outside the home.

Improve First-Call Closure Rates

In addition to protecting broadband subscribers, NAGRA Scout provides real-time data for device and network usage that helps address first-call closure rates and provides insight to ongoing network development.
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