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Why world-class Telco operators choose NAGRA to secure their business (Part One): Identifying the challenges
These modern-day pirates have seemingly endless numbers of services to attack but why has the move to OTT streaming created such rich pickings for them?
Tim Pearson
Covid-19 won't stop the pirates
Tim Pearson, Senior Director, Product Marketing, looks at streaming piracy during the pandemic.
ATSC3 - One Way visual
ATSC 3.0 Progress Report: Enabling NextGenTV Content & Service Monetization
NextGen TV, secure ‘Active Content Monetization Solution’ for one-way ATSC 3.0 broadcast scenarios, using global, tried and tested broadcast technology already developed and deployed.


SPortsPro Insider Series
Virtual Conference
SportsPro INSIDER Series
10 - 11 Jun 2020
OTT & Broadcast – Technology and Innovation
Session: Shared burden: The importance of collaboration between all parties to properly tackle piracy
Speaker: Pascal Métral, VP Legal Affairs, Head of Anti-Piracy Intelligence, Investigations and Litigation
Wednesday, June 10th at 16:00 CEST
Piracy Over the Top AVIA
OTT Virtual Summit
Piracy Over the Top
23 - 24 Jun 2020
Tech Panel: Initiative through Innovation
New techniques, new technologies and new ways of disrupting the systemic OTT piracy problem
Speaker: Pascal Metral, VP Legal Affairs
Tuesday, June 23 at 4:50pm SGT / 9:50am BST
sports pro live
London, UK
SportsPro Live
17 - 18 Sep 2020

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nexguard streaming
NexGuard Streaming: Server-side Watermarking Solution for OTT Services
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OS white paper
Making Sense of Today's Pay-TV Video/Client Landscape
Pay-TV Innovation Forum 2019 Global Findings Report
2019 Global Findings Report: Industry Perspectives on a Year of Rapid Change and the Road Ahead