Delight consumers with new OTT content services

Thinking of launching a new OTT service? We can be your strategic partner for content value protection, user experience and data analytics solutions, working with industry ecosystem partners to create an amazing service.
Built-in multi-DRM support
Delivering premium OTT content to a wide variety of devices and browsers implies the use of a security services platform with built-in multi-DRM support. NAGRA m-DRM products are available on the AWS cloud, facilitating fast service launch and incorporating all the benefits of cloud deployments, such as high service availability, platform elasticity, and disaster recovery. NAGRA also provides other security micro services such as domain licence management, device authentication and secure session management to operate a commercial OTT service.
NAGRA OpenTV Signature Edition Android
Making the most of Android TV
Delivering linear and on-demand TV to Android TV set-top boxes requires expertise in building and deploying Android TV solutions that scale, reach out to other screens and drive up content monetisation. Securing the set-top box and ensuring that pirate apps do not destroy the service provider’s business model are also key to success. Our security services, including device certification and anti-piracy services, and OpenTV user experience solutions, can help you leverage the potential of the Android TV platform while staying in control.
Anti-Piracy Services
As resolution and screen quality of OTT consumer devices improves, protecting streaming platforms against piracy becomes a key investment to secure the business model of OTT services. At NAGRA, we provide CDN-based and client-based watermarking solutions that, when combined with NAGRA Anti-Piracy Services, enable service providers to stop piracy at the source.
Anti-piracy live streaming
Considering a new OTT service? There are significant advantages in going OTT, such as the independence from physical networks, larger geographic footprint and wide device reach.