Move swiftly to where your customers are with an all-OTT multi-device service​

Retain customers and grow revenues with a wide range of technologies that deliver secure content services to a diverse device landscape.
OpenTV Platform
OpenTV Platform allows for the delivery of consumer-centric pay-TV services, underpinned by a smart management console to fine-tune active content monetisation for the operator who wants to address their consumers' content needs in a world where smart is the norm.
NAGRA OpenTV Signature Edition Android
Addressing the connected consumer
Simplify journeys to the content consumers love using our scalable intelligent, all-IP pure-play, managed and un-managed services, while securing all business and content assets from piracy.
Security Services Platform (SSP)
NAGRA SSP, an advanced, flexible and modular Security Services Platform that takes CAS and DRM technologies to the next level and acts as the solution cornerstone to maximize premium content investment across any network to any device and scales as required.
Anti-piracy services
As resolution and screen quality of OTT consumer devices improves, protecting streaming platforms against piracy becomes a key investment to secure the business model of OTT services. At NAGRA, we provide CDN-based and client-based watermarking solutions that, when combined with NAGRA anti-piracy services, enable service providers to stop piracy at the source.
Considering a new OTT service? There are significant advantages in going OTT, such as the independence from physical networks, larger geographic footprint and wide device reach.