Helping you bring the next generation of paid content services to life.
Whether you're a pay-TV operator or a content owner, we can help you enable new services in a converged pay-TV and OTT world.
Pay-TV operators
Enable differentiated consumer use cases, deliver an engaging customer experience, generate operational efficiency and cost optimisation, and simplify content security.
Cable to All-IP

Transition to IP-based TV services while seamlessly addressing existing one-way and new two-way devices.

Broadcast Pay-TV

Seek efficiencies and enrich pay-TV distribution while working to provide the highest level of content security for cardless, hybrid and direct-to-TV services.


Add value to broadband connectivity with secure and engaging multiscreen TV services.

OTT Pure Play

Support the digital natives in creating and monetising OTT services.

Content owners
Content owners need to protect the total value of their content distribution ecosystem against piracy and find new ways to distribute their services directly to consumers.

Delighting consumers with compelling user experiences has never been easier.

Content Distribution Protection

Make sure only legitimate distributors, aggregators and pay-TV operators have access to your content.

Active Security

Defeat piracy with anti-piracy services and forensic watermarking.

Which one are you?
Whether you're a pay-TV service provider concerned about operational efficiency, customer experience and simplifying content security, or a content owner interested in going direct to consumer and protecting the total value of the content distribution ecosystem against piracy, we can help.