Protect more than just your content. Protect your entire service.

With content protection at the core, our scalable service protection offering provides a range of solutions adapted to your specific needs.
Secure OTT streaming
Running a streaming service? DRM is no longer enough to counter service and content piracy​. FInd out how our active streaming protection toolkit can help.
Broadcast-to-IP migration
Extend and transform your current conditional access solution to deliver a streaming service.​
Direct-to-TV security
Reach new customers directly through smart TVs by leveraging our direct-to-TV security solutions, including TVkey Cloud.
Cost-effective broadcast​ security
Protect broadcast solutions with card and cardless options and extend into IP
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A comprehensive offering to protect your business:
Unified security head-ends

Choose the security head-end that best fits your needs: advanced, flexible and modular or all-in-one and optimized, both supporting versatile deployments models: on-premise, private or public cloud and fully managed.

Forensic watermarking

NAGRA NexGuard offers an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge forensic watermarking technologies to protect high value media assets throughout their entire lifecycle, including pre-release, post-production and OTT streaming.

Anti-piracy services

Combine deep intelligence with real-time monitoring, take-down, litigation services and forensic watermarking technologies to provide a solid defence against piracy threats, while protecting your reputation and your bottom line.

Direct-to-TV clients

Enable instant service activation for broadcast and OTT content delivery services with hardware and software-based solutions, while reducing cost and leveraging Smart TV user interface capabilities.

Connect clients & player

A unified security client for both broadband and broadcast. Its secure player extends the viewing experience securely to all portable media devices. Clients available for SSP and Contego security head-end.

Broadcast clients

Choose from premium broadcast security that also supports the transition from card-based to cardless systems or an entry level one-way broadcast cardless client to enable multiple business models and value-added services.

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Leanr more about how scalable service protection can work to secure your entire service with content protection at its core.
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