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Your global media technology leader

NAGRA is the digital TV division of the Kudelski Group (SIX: KUD.S). Our engineering excellence, pioneering technology and end-user focus has allowed us to work with the world's leading service providers and content owners for over 25 years. We are bringing the next generation of paid content services to life, while helping them protect and grow their business in the ever-evolving pay-TV industry. You too can benefit from this experience through secure, engaging and smart solutions that address the entire digital media ecosystem.

Innovation as a key growth driver

NAGRA’s flexible solutions, industry expertise and strategic partnerships with service providers and content owners are designed to accelerate innovation, deliver next-generation viewing experiences and achieve sustainable business growth. We anticipate market trends, helping you cost-effectively launch new services and functionalities while managing risk. With visionary and trend-savvy R&D teams in multiple locations, we are deeply immersed in the demands and dynamics associated with digital life and are strategically located to be as close as possible to the pulse of the industry and the markets we serve.
NAGRA OpenTV Signature Edition Android

Comprehensive media solutions

We're here to support your digital transformation with the industry’s most comprehensive and proven product and solutions portfolio like an advanced, flexible and modular backend security platform and consumer-centric pay-TV solutions for the delivery of broadcast, hybrid, OTT and direct-to-consumer services to a broad range of consumer devices, technologies that support the transition to IP and new OTT services, AI-driven analytics and media asset management. We offer the best in content value protection, including CAS/DRM, mDRM, anti-piracy services, and forensic watermarking. Now fully integrated with Conax, DVnor, NexGuard and OpenTV under one brand, NAGRA technologies seamlessly work together to generate and sustain revenues for your business.

Intellectual property leadership

The Kudelski Group has a long history of innovation in the areas of content protection, content delivery, access control systems, smart cards, and interactivity. NAGRA solutions benefit from the Group’s 5,300 worldwide patents which pioneered technical paradigms that are in use today and are fundamental to the delivery of a modern content viewing experience. Our intellectual property is recognized by some of the world's leading technology companies - including Apple, Bloomberg, Cisco, Google, Hulu, Netflix, The Walt Disney Company, Verizon and Yahoo. Our customers benefit from a comprehensive intellectual property cross-licensing program that provides access to many fundamental technologies, enabling them to continuously innovate, build and deliver secured, compelling and smart viewing experiences to consumers.

Kudelski Group’s history

The Group's history and heritage are built on the flagship name of NAGRA, originally referring to the world-famous recorder developed in 1951. The company has been a technology pioneer ever since driven by an acute vision and a sharp sense of innovation.

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