Smoothly evolve your services to an all-IP future

Boasting a strong pedigree of premium pay-TV and broadband, cable is an extremely versatile technology. A smooth evolution to all-IP is the natural next step to comprehensively address the communication and entertainment needs of consumers.


Scalable Service Protection

Today's security challenges are magnified by the range of devices and breadth of reach today's operators enjoy in an IP-focused world. The NAGRA Security Services Platform provides a turnkey, total security offering with hybrid network management at its core.

Super-aggregation support

With a seemingly endless list of new OTT entrants and content available to today's consumers, NAGRA's OpenTV Platform allows for the management of hybrid networks and delivers advanced two-way features to cable operators. Supporting a mix of linear QAM delivered TV, on demand IPTV multicast and OTT unicast services via a hosted solution availing the very latest features will continue to drive higher NPS scores.
NAGRA Secure

Anti-piracy services

As resolution and screen quality of OTT consumer devices improves, protecting streaming platforms against piracy becomes a key investment to secure the business model of OTT services. At NAGRA, we provide CDN-based and client-based watermarking solutions that, when combined with NAGRA anti-piracy services, enable service providers to stop piracy at the source.

NexGuard forensic watermarking: imperceptible and robust with blind detection support.


NexGuard watermarks are imperceptible to the consumer, causing no degradation of the viewing experience, and have been validated by major studios, content owners and pay-TV operators.




NexGuard watermarks are proven to be robust and impossible for pirates to invalidate. They can persist through digital/analogue conversion, copying, transcoding, compression and geometric manipulation.


Blind Detection

NexGuard watermarks support blind detection, whereby  identifiers are detected and extracted without reference to the original content by the NexGuard Detection Service. This enables fast, convenient and automated detection.


The solution? NAGRA offers a range of productised offerings designed to help cable operators maximise the life of their existing network and extend into IP to increase their audience reach and maximise their content distribution.

Our products include card and cardless solutions, OVP offerings, and data and AI-driven business performance solutions, all underpinned by comprehensive anti-piracy services.