A Smart Pricing Approach that Predicts Subscriber Behavior

Simulate subscriber reactions to pricing interventions via their digital twin and make quantifiable decisions that significantly improve your KPIs, retention rates and monetization.

Understand your subscribers to make the right decisions

Predict Subscriber Reactions

Thanks to your subscriber’s digital twin, predict the behavior of your subscribers and recommend the most relevant actions to acquire, retain, upsell and offer the best price and package.

Quantify Decision Making

With NAGRA Insight Smart Pricing, simulate the reaction of subscribers to various events through our digital twin platform before directly assessing the implemented actions.

Complement Existing Operations

NAGRA Insight Smart Pricing is provided as a light layer on top of existing business operations which means it’s quick to deploy.

Proposed actions from the digital twin platform can be executed through existing operational processes.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

With NAGRA Insight Smart Pricing, benefit from 8 years of research that created and tuned our digital twin technology.

We’ve done the research; you can now benefit from the solution!
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NAGRA Insight Smart Pricing has already been proven to dramatically improve key business performance indicators.

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Join other major media and entertainment organizations that are predicting subscriber reactions and making quantifiable decisions based on our award-winning digital twin platform.

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