Secure and grow your satellite or cable TV service.

Broadcast pay-TV is still a key driver of growth in many markets worldwide. Growing and protecting satellite and cable TV service revenues is the name of the game. Cardless conditional access systems, hybrid and direct-to-TV solutions can help.
Cardless content security
Direct-to-Home (DTH) broadcast systems provide a powerful and efficient way to deliver a TV service to consumers in a large geographical area. NAGRA's cardless content protection solutions can fully secure these one-way broadcast distribution networks without having to replace costly physical smart cards and provide the ability for operators to re-secure their set-top boxes in case of a security breach.
Hybrid set-top-boxes
Enriching broadcast DTH pay-TV operations with OTT services is a proven play in markets where broadband penetration is high. NAGRA provides step-by-step assistance for DTH service providers to secure their hybrid pay-TV ecosystems, from set-top-boxes and SOC integrations to a comprehensive portfolio of security platforms and clients capable of handling the most complex network structures and widest device reach. NAGRA’s OpenTV Suite offers the user experience components needed to deliver a rich user experience with set-top box or cloud DVR functions.
Hybrid security solutions
NAGRA Connect is a single, converged CAS/DRM client that supports the multi-network, multi-device, multi-use case reality, to enable hybrid broadcast/OTT services. It can be implemented on hybrid set-top boxes, open devices or connected TVs, and also includes the ability to secure Netflix streaming to set-top boxes. Approved by third-party auditors and Hollywood studios for 4K Ultra HD and used by some of the world’s most advanced cable, satellite and telco service providers.
Direct-to-TV solutions
Much like a good consumer experience, convenience is key to content security. NAGRA offers several ways to bring linear and on-demand pay-TV services directly and securely to TV sets without the need for a set-top box. All enable consumers to enjoy premium content up to 4K / HDR without connecting any cables and utilizing only the remote control of the TV set. This brings efficiencies in logistics, significant reduction in CAPEX and increased customer satisfaction for operators. Direct-to-TV security can be used seamlessly with any other secure clients from NAGRA, simplifying security management.
Evolving TV distribution
Re-inventing broadcast pay-TV services to smartly address different consumer segments with differentiated packages is key to success. In addition to traditional DTH pay-TV services, providers can leverage common technology components and platforms to achieve economies of scale with “skinny bundles,” the highly focused and differentiated linear OTT streaming plays that appeal to cost-conscious consumers. NAGRA offers the complete set of products to power such new business models.
Want to keep broadcast pay-TV healthy? Consider a two-pronged approach: simplify content security operations and reduce costs with cardless security while boosting sales and customer satisfaction with hybrid OTT solutions.