The ultimate in broadband security for your connected use case
A single, converged CAS/DRM client that fully supports the multi-network, multi-device, multi-use case reality.
NAGRA disrupted the market with the introduction of Connect. Today, NAGRA Connect is used by the world’s most advanced cable, satellite and telco service providers, to reduce complexity and cost, and approved by third-party auditors and Hollywood studios for 4K Ultra HD. It can be implemented on connected set-top boxes, open devices and selected connected TVs, and also secures Netflix streaming to set-top boxes.
Connect uses NAGRA's own DRM technology, NAGRA PRM, as the foundation to enable all market required CAS and DRM originated use cases. The Connect client is designed to fully embrace the TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) and REE (Rich Execution Environment) paradigm shift. Due to high security requirements of 4K Ultra HD content, content owners and studios are now pushing CAS/DRM clients to leverage TEE of devices and activate a secure media path (SMP). The fact that CAS/DRM goes into TEE, also provides more flexibility and openness to the MW/Applications on the device which is key to enable richer user experiences.
A versatile client, NAGRA Connect is available in three flavors.
Let us help you find the right one to suit your needs.

A single library for devices that do not have any hardware root of trust or TEE.


A dual library for devices that have TEE and want to comply with studios' 4K Ultra HD requirements.


A single or dual library built on Connect TKL for increased device protection and NAGRA security certification.

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