Protect your premium content with NexGuard, the world’s leading forensic watermarking solution

Fighting piracy and illicit content sharing is critical for both pay-TV operators and content owners. Forensic watermarking helps to identify the source of a content leak quickly and efficiently, so that effective anti-piracy action can be taken.

NexGuard Forensic Watermarking has passed an AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) which validates its use and integration with AWS services.

Choose the watermarking solution that's right for you

Watermarking for pre-release content

NexGuard forensic watermarks can be embedded at any point in the content production lifecycle and contribution/distribution chain, protecting highly valuable pre-release content from piracy and ensuring traceability of any content leak.

Watermarking for pay-TV operators and direct-to-consumer services

NexGuard forensic watermarks can be applied at a consumer session and device level to pinpoint the source of a piracy leak including those used to feed illicit streaming servers, enabling appropriate anti-piracy action.

Watermarking for Digital Cinema

NexGuard forensic watermarks can be applied by projectors within a movie theatre. More than 200,000 theatre screens worldwide are already equipped with NexGuard technology, enabling content owners and distributors to pinpoint the time and location of in-theatre camcorder-based piracy.

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