Protect your premium content across broadcast and multiscreen services

NexGuard forensic video watermarking solutions are used by major pay-TV operators and direct-to-consumer services to deter and combat piracy, particularly for premium VOD and live sports.


Video watermarking for Premium VOD: comply with enhanced content protection requirements

NexGuard forensic video watermarking provides protection for early release and 4K Ultra HD/HDR content, helping pay-TV operators meet the MovieLabs enhanced content protection specification and Hollywood studios’ requirements.

Watermarking on STB and Streaming for Live sports: actively fight against illicit content sharing

NexGuard forensic video watermarking protects the business model of live sports events for content owners and pay-TV operators by identifying piracy sources and shutting them down quickly. Solutions are optimized to enable an automated process with turn-around time of just a few minutes.

NexGuard watermarking solutions for pay-TV operators and direct-to-consumer services:

Video watermarking for new and legacy STB's

NexGuard PayTV embeds a subscriber-specific forensic watermarks in a managed Pay-TV client device (set-top box or smart TV). It is supported by all the major chipset vendors and requires no additional video processing on the head-end side.

Watermarking for ABR streaming with CDN's

NexGuard Streaming is server-side solution pre-integrated with streaming servers and CDNs, and embeds a session-specific forensic watermark for both OTT VOD and OTT live channels. It works with any OTT streaming device and client application, removing the need for any device-side integration. It scales easily to millions of concurrent sessions with CDN caching and works with all common streaming formats and DRMs.

Watermarking client for OTT Applications

NexGuard QuickMark provides client-side embedding of forensic watermarks in open OTT streaming devices (e.g. Browser on PCs, iOS or Android mobiles and tablets, sticks, OTT box). It has been optimized for live sport events where the detection within minutes of a content leak and shut-down of the source is critical to combating piracy. NexGuard QuickMark can be deployed on any OTT streaming device through a simple integration with any secure OTT video player.

Automated detection of watermarks

The NexGuard Detection Service is a cloud-based service, provided by NAGRA, for the detection of NexGuard forensic watermarks. It is fast, highly scalable and fully automated, meeting the needs of users who require occasional or continuous live detection in conjunction with an anti-piracy service.

Piracy monitoring to trigger watermark detections

NAGRA’s world leading anti-piracy services can be combined with the NexGuard forensic watermarking technology and the NexGuard Detection service to provide an effective force against the most advanced content pirates.

Watermarking per distribution path

NexGuard Network ID allows premium TV channels to show their various distribution paths (satellite, cable, OTT, etc.). The imperceptible video watermarks enable content owners and broadcasters to identify the source of live content leaks, whether from licensee, affiliate or distribution platform. The solution helps to collect intelligence and decide where to focus anti-piracy activities.

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