Protect your premium content across pre-release workflows, contribution and distribution

Leading content owners worldwide use NexGuard forensic watermarking solutions to deter and combat piracy throughout the content pre-release lifecycle.
Trace content leaks back to their source
NexGuard forensic watermarking solutions are used by leading content owners worldwide to deter and combat piracy throughout their content pre-release lifecycle. Should there be a breakdown in security, content owners must have the ability to trace a leak back to its source. This traceability also provides a strong deterrent against piracy.
NexGuard forensic watermarking solutions for content owners ensure that content is watermarked at every stage of the production and distribution process.
Post-Production and Distribution Workflows
NexGuard File Embedder

Embeds forensic watermarks into video at any point in a post-production workflow with NexGuard File Embedder. Speed optimised for key mezzanine file formats and interfaces easily with third-party workflow management or media asset management applications.

NexGuard Transcoder Plug-in

Embeds forensic audio and video watermarks to a wide range of transcoders used within post-production and distribution workflows. Supports any transcoder input format, output format, video resolution and frame rate. as well as multi-layer watermarking, embedded at different points in the post-production workflow.

NexGuard Manager

Enables a centralised database for all of a content owner's NexGuard watermarking metadata and identifiers. Simplifies the administration and tracking of forensic watermarking across pre-release and distribution workflows.

NexGuard Detection Service

A cloud-based forensic watermark detection service provided by NAGRA. Fast, highly scalable and fully automated, and meets the needs of users who require occasional or continuous live detection in conjunction with anti-piracy services.

NexGuard Plug-in for Editing Software

A new, award-winning solution that enables content owners and post-production houses to seamlessly apply forensic watermarks in editing and collaboration workflows, allowing for the secure exchange of pre-release assets with creative agencies or editing departments. Integrated with the Avid Media Composer.

NexGuard ClipMark
Detect any source of pre-release leaks down to only 30-second video samples
Protect pre-release assets - including dailies, proxy deliveries of full features and TV series, and trailers - with NexGuard ClipMark, an industry-first and award-winning solution that detects any source of pre-release leaks on very short video clips, down to thirty seconds in duration. NexGuard ClipMark can be seamlessly deployed in existing workflows with content owners and post-production houses thanks to partnerships with industry-leading transcoder vendors.
Trace your screener leaks back to any device
NexGuard eScreener and NexGuard Streaming enable the forensic watermarking of content streamed to screeners ensuring content owners can share their latest projects securely throughout the content lifecycle. NexGuard eScreener and NexGuard Streaming uniquely identifying each authorized stream without disrupting the workflow. They are tightly integrated into market-leading streaming servers and are offered as an off-the-shelf watermarking option by several leading online platforms. Both are supported by the NexGuard Detection Service.
Identify contribution and distribution leaks
NexGuard NetworkID enables content and channel owners to identify the source of live piracy leaks, whether by playout center, licensee, affiliate or distribution platform. It can be used to insert a forensic watermark at multiple points in the live signal workflow and removes any ambiguity about the actual source used by pirates, leading to informed anti-piracy action. NexGuard NetworkID is supported by a wide range of vendor partners, including video routers, encoders and satellite IRDs offering a comprehensive choice of implementation options It is also supported by the NexGuard Detection Service.
Partner with us
NexGuard forensic watermarking solutions are pre-integrated with a wide variety of third-party solutions to ensure a perfect fit into your chosen workflow. Let us know if you're interested in becoming one of our partners.