Protect your premium content at every step of the pre-release process

Original content owners use NexGuard audio and video forensic watermarking to deter and combat leaks across pre-release workflows

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To prevent leaks during the production and pre-release process, gaming companies and film archiving organizations applying NexGuard video and audio forensic watermarking. This allows them to trace any leak back to the specific department or third party responsible.​

Trace content leaks back to their source

The NexGuard forensic watermarking technologies are approved by the Hollywood Studios. Our solutions are used by original content owners, broadcasters, post production houses, content aggregators, and the Academy Awards worldwide to deter and combat leaks throughout their content pre-release lifecycle. To prevent any leak from insiders, studios and content owners can apply NexGuard audio and video forensic watermarking, allowing them to trace any leak back to the specific department or third party that was responsible for leaking the content. This traceability provides a strong deterrent against leaking.

Post-Production and Distribution Workflows

Video watermarking for editing and collaboration workflows

The award-winning NexGuard plugin enables content owners and post-production houses to seamlessly apply forensic watermarks directly from their non-linear editing software, allowing the secure exchange of pre-release assets with creative agencies or editing departments. Integrated with  Avid Media Composer DaVinci Resolve and soon Adobe Premiere.

Video & audio watermarking for post-production and distribution workflows

The NexGuard plugin embeds forensic audio and/or video watermarks to a wide range of transcoders used within post-production and distribution workflows. It supports any input/output format as well as multi-layer watermarking. This solution, running on-prem or in the cloud, is used to seamlessly watermark short form content (like dailies, trailers, clips) as well as long form content (like full features and TV series). 

Secure on-set and off-set movie production

NAGRA has partnered with QTAKE, the market leader in video assist software to provide an integrated solution where security comes first. The integrated solution provides high protection for any takes, shots and scenes from leaks during movie production. It also provides wireless live monitoring, independent video playback and collaborative metadata editing for any authorized production crew member.

Standalone solution for watermarking video files in post-production

The NexGuard File Embedder inserts forensic watermarks into video at any point in a post-production workflow. Speed optimized for key mezzanine file formats (like ProRes and XDCAM) and interfaced easily with third-party workflow management or media asset management applications.

Protect any video during playback, download or publishing

NAGRA has partnered with the leading platforms from Adobe, PIX and Sony CI to provide content security for your review and collaboration workflows. The integrated solution protects secure cloud-based apps, real-time review and approval, accelerated file sharing, and instant dailies.

Video watermarking for B2B streaming

Embed very quickly a unique transactional watermark for ABR streaming to any device or file download (for offline review). The NexGuard solutions for B2B streaming (e.g. for streaming of dailies for review/approval by the production crew; for localization or subtitling work; or for eScreener streamed for the Academy Awards, buyers, journalists) either leverages pre-integration with leading encoders and content delivery networks (CDN) or come with a tight integration into third-party streaming servers.

Watermark Archive Content

Use the NexGuard Editing Plug in or File Embedder to protect valuable film archives from leaks and unauthorized use.

Protect entire archives, during import and export or post digital restoration.

Forensic investigations

The NexGuard Detection Service is a cloud-based forensic watermark detection service hosted on AWS. Fast, highly scalable and fully automated, it meets the needs of users who require occasional file detections or continuous live detection in conjunction with anti-piracy services.

Pre-Release Watermarking Resources

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