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Scalable service protection to fit your needs, including forensic watermarking and anti-piracy services, spanning a wide range of devices (iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, STB OS, Android TV)
NAGRA advanced security

As the strategic security partner to leading pay-TV operators, NAGRA products are the natural choice for modular content value protection solutions that enable premium content delivery services across broadcast and OTT networks and to any screen. These flexible, cloud-ready and tailored solutions can scale to any operation.

Conax off-the-shelf security

If cost-efficiency and fast time-to-market are the decisive factors in choosing content security services, then Conax off-the-shelf products are for you. The Conax unified content security platform delivers ​a highly efficient and feature-rich CAS/DRM solution for any use case with an exceptional price vs. performance ratio.​

NAGRA anti-piracy services

Combine deep intelligence with real-time monitoring, take-down, litigation services and forensic watermarking technologies to provide a solid defence against piracy threats, while protecting your reputation and your bottom line.

The best of both worlds
- Security headends tailored to the business needs of the pay-TV operator
- Common security clients widely adopted across device ecosystems, both for broadcast and connected networks
- Elegant migration from an of-the-shelf system to a modular headend as a service evolves
- All comprehensively supported by leading anti-piracy solutions
NAGRA advanced security
Security Services Platform (SSP)

An advanced, flexible and modular backend security platform that takes CAS and DRM technologies to the next level enabling secure premium content delivery over any network to any device, with any business model.

Connect client & player

A unified security client that addresses both broadband and broadcast use cases in a single client technology. Its secure player extends the viewing experience securely to all portable media devices.

Broadcast client

The industry reference for premium broadcast security. NAGRA also supports the transition from card-based to cardless systems, while delivering the highest level of security through continuous innovation. 

Direct-to-TV clients

Enable instant service activation for broadcast and OTT content delivery services with hardware and software-based solutions, while reducing cost and leveraging Smart TV user interface capabilities.

Nexguard watermarking

NAGRA NexGuard, the world's leading forensic watermarking technology, provides studios and sports content providers, rights holders and distributors with an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge forensic watermarking applications to protect high value media assets throughout their entire lifecycle.


An Internet of Things (IoT) solution for operators that harnesses the power of the hardware and cloud-based security to deliver on the promise of a secure connected home.

NAGRA Secure
Conax off-the-shelf security
Contego headend

An all-in-one and optimised headend for one-way and two-way CAS use cases, including multi-DRM support, with versatile deployment models: on-premise, private or public cloud and fully managed.

Connect client

A converged, two-way security client for connected cable, IPTV and OTT, designed to work with the Conax Contego headend.

Enable & Protect client

A cost-efficient and entry level one-way broadcast cardless client to enable multiple business models and value-added services.

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