Grow your business using AI
NAGRA Insight leverages AI to drive subscriber value, content acquisition and management, operations and advertising. Through these business actions we help service providers make better business decisions.
NAGRA Insight leverages AI and generates business actions in four key areas to help service providers make better business decisions and drive subscriber value, content acquisition and management, operations and advertising.
Drive subscriber value
NAGRA Insight generates a coherent profile that quantifies behaviour, tastes and trends. It even predicts propensity to churn to help service providers create personalised experiences that increase user satisfaction and marketing actions that convert more effectively, to improve acquisition, retention and service usage.
Drive content
Subscriber happiness is paramount. With NAGRA Insight, service providers can increase the usage of their services, quantify the value of every channel, programme, catch-up content or VOD content by combining consumption and purchase behavior data, as well as learn how to optimise content packaging.
Drive operations
Insight optimises resource-intensive areas by improving operations across the content delivery chain to increase speed of diagnosis of network issues, optimise CDN costs and manage the quality of video displayed on OTT services.
Drive advertising
NAGRA Insight, through AI, can increase programmatic TV advertising revenues by generating highly targeted and relevant micro-segments, better manage available ad inventory and increase advertising value.
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