Pay-TV IF Global report 2018
Industry Perspectives on a Year of Pay-TV and OTT Convergence
White Paper - August 2018
In its third year, the Pay-TV Innovation Forum seeks to identify how innovation is driving opportunities for content owners and service providers around the world as they face a disrupted market. The findings are based on extensive regional research conducted in Europe, North America, with a special focus on the United States, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

A sample of the key findings reveals that:
• 84 percent of pay-TV executives expect competition for paid-for video services to increase dramatically over the next five years
• As TV and OTT converge, the pay-TV industry is evolving towards a platform-agnostic model, transitioning into a paid-for video market
• Service providers are embarking on the next stage of digital transformation and innovation, encompassing accelerated improvements to the product and service portfolio, technology platform, commercial and operating models
• Top three innovation areas include continued investment in next-generation advanced TV services, more diverse multiscreen propositions and super-aggregration.
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