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Industry Perspectives on the Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Pay-TV Industry in Latin America
Report - August 2019
As part of the 2019 Pay-TV Innovation Forum, NAGRA and MTM conducted an extensive global research
programme of interviews, seminars and an online survey with top pay-TV executives to explore the key
trends and developments as well as challenges and opportunities that they face in today’s market

Although many of the key findings from the programme apply globally, this summary report highlights
particular nuances of the pay-TV market in Latin America. A sample of key findings reveal that:

- 83 percent of Latin American executives surveyed believe that the shift to OTT will have a positive impact on their businesses over the next five years compared to 70 percent globally
- 93 percent predict moderate to strong growth in new sports streaming services in their markets over the next five years
- The majority of executives believe that pay-TV service providers will have to innovate their product pricing and packaging to retain and attract new customers

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