Pay-TV Innovation Forum European Report
Key Takeaways from the Pay-TV Innovation Forum's European Seminar
Report - June 2019
Earlier this year, the Pay-TV Innovation Forum launched its 2019 programme, inviting senior executives from leading pay-TV providers, broadcasters, rights holders and technology suppliers to a special European seminar, exploring the challenges and opportunities facing Europe‘s pay-TV industry, at the end of a disruptive decade.

Hosted by NAGRA and chaired by MTM, participants at this invitation-only seminar included executives from BT, Canal+, Channel 4, Liberty Global, Sky, Sony, Turner, Viacom and other leading industry participants.

The discussions explored a wide range of themes and issues, from the future of the pay-TV market through to exploring the opportunities in data and analytics. Clearly, Europe‘s pay-TV industry is extremely diverse and perspectives on the future of the market vary widely. However, we detected common sentiments and perspectives across the attendees – a growing sense that more change is coming, but a confidence that the pay-TV industry can adapt and maintain its strong position in Europe.
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