Simple, secure and reliable Media Asset Management for your content

Monetizing content involves many stakeholders, tools and platforms, which can lead to more complexity and uncertainty, and impact time-to-market for content owners and distributors.

Why DVnor Media Asset Management?

NAGRA delivers value to content producers, distributors and aggregators, broadcasters and pay-TV operators alike through:

- More than 15 years of expertise in Media Asset Management
- Efficiency driven by scalability and automation
- Trusted security throughout the content supply chain

Creating powerful outcomes for multiple segments

Distributors & aggregators

Boost reach through access to major VOD platforms, be assured of secure storage of your titles and simplify handling of multi-language content distribution. Benefit from:

- Global & local VOD distribution
- Secure content storage
- Physical disc authoring
- DCP production

VOD & Pay-TV service providers

Add capacity to your internal operations, focus on your core-competencies by outsourcing content preparation, and gain speed through quick content vendor on-boarding. Benefit from:

- VOD batch ingest
- Managed Media Asset Management service
- Express delivery for new releases*

Get control of your assets & workflow 24x7

The DVnor Organizer platform enables customers to simplify and organize their content workflows through:

- An easy to use, self-service platform
- Secure and efficient content management and distribution
- High availability, scalability and security

Content Distribution Platform Partners

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