Assembling all the elements required to release a new content title takes valuable time to get right. We let you focus on content production and we make sure your content is released on-time.

The Most Complete Media Manager on the Market

NAGRA DVnor Organizer Version 2.0 allows you to quickly and securely upload your large-size video files, assets, subtitles, dubs, trailers, electronic press kits, posters, and stills, without complexity.

Our solution is the result of decades of experience in the Content Management space, and provides secure, cloud-based storage and delivery, with complete self-service and 24/7 capabilities.

Ingest Now, Deliver Later
Try our Organizer account for free today and start safeguarding your titles and distribute when you are ready! Your offer includes:
- Ingestion of up to 5 titles for free
- An automated quality check
- One-year secure storage of uploaded title

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Simply Organize & Release Content

Our browser-based tool ensures you can simply organize and release your titles so you never miss a deadline again.

- Automated Ingest all formats
- Mastering (DCP, Physical and VOD)
- Asset Enrichment via metadata, subtitles, and dubbing
- Quality Control & Secure Storage
- Packaging & Delivery including digital distribution
- Content Security including watermarking
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Learn How Others Are Using our Service

Content Delivery at Scale

Learn how Mis Label simplified the technical complexity of their film and TV content preparation workflow for a 10x increase in content distribution
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Expand your Audience by Releasing Your Titles to the Most Popular Platforms

We are certified to deliver to both local and the worlds biggest streaming services
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WEBINAR: Managing the VOD Explosion

Learn how European rights owners, distributors, aggregators and VOD service providers are seizing the VOD opportunity to boost reach and revenue.
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If you are interested in learning more about our media asset management solutions we are happy to have a talk with you.

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