Delight every sports fan in the world – just stream it!

We enable sports leagues, teams and rights owners to create unique connections with fans worldwide.
Reaching out to your fans on any screen, anywhere and anytime has become the new bar for the sports industry. Yet how do you scale video delivery, operations and reach to be successful?
NAGRA and its leading content, cloud and fiber network partners offer an integrated platform, from the field to the screen, that delivers extremely low-latency live OTT streaming while providing fans with an exciting app and channel-based user experience, from live events, to highlights, stats, fantasy sports and more.
Secured and Scalable Live Streaming

Bring your most exciting live events directly to large audiences, with highly scalable real-time synchronisation of video content across any device, anywhere and secure your business model with our industry-leading content value protectionanti-piracy services and forensic watermarking solutions.



Enhanced Fan Engagement

Engage your fans in and out of the stadium and increase fan loyalty with advanced technology and exciting content in multiple languages, from pre-event insights to spectacular live coverage or social media video cuts, that transforms the way worldwide fans connect with sports and build relationships with their favorite leagues, teams and sports icons.

Smart Monetisation

Drive engagement and further monetisation – from freemium to pay-per-view, advertising and subscription models - by leveraging real-time user behavior data and AI, transforming both casual and super fans into loyal customers, delivering an incremental revenue stream.

Meet with us at Sports Pro OTT Summit!
19 - 21 November 2019
Madrid, Spain

Don't miss our presentation "Piracy forcing innovation" with Jean-Philippe Plantevin, VP Anti-Piracy, on November 20 at 15:30.

sports ott report
Sports OTT Special Report
Get valuable insight into the changing landscape of sports OTT services and their impact on traditional pay-TV service providers with this special report by the Pay-TV Innovation Forum.
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