Welcome to our Virtual NAB Showcase

Even though we won't be holding meetings at a booth, our show announcements and news are still happening and we'll be sharing our latest news and updates with you here!

Our virtual NAB showcase includes new developments in anti-piracy strategies and forensic watermarking technologies, and the introduction of NAGRA’s active streaming protection approach.

New solutions to protect content in pre-release and post-production

Watermarking for short-form content

Introducing NexGuard ClipMark, an industry-first technology that allows content owners and post-production houses to identify any source of pre-release leaks on short video clips, down to thirty seconds in duration.

Watermarking for editing software

Learn about a new solution built to seamlessly apply forensic watermarks in editing and collaboration workflows.

Enhanced detection service

Find out about the new features of the cloud-based NexGuard Detection Service, that deliver improved automation, security and speed.

Forensic watermarking for live sports and premium VOD

NexGuard Streaming actively fights commercial piracy by quickly and efficiently identifying the source of a content leak, thus allowing targeted anti-piracy actions to stop illicit content restreaming. NAGRA has announced the pre-integration of NexGuard Streaming with Akamai, a leading content delivery network provider, ensuring added protection of high value VOD and live content and reinforcing new access revocation CDN capabilities.

Introduction to NAGRA’s active streaming protection approach

In a world where OTT streaming is becoming the norm, securing valuable content with multi-DRM is no longer enough. Our active streaming protection approach delivers a comprehensive service protection toolset to address those challenges which includes advanced security solutions, secure playback, secure streaming, analytics, and anti-piracy services and forensic watermarking.

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