White paper: Unifying Content Security on Connected Devices

This white paper looks at the evolving needs of pay-TV service providers as their growing multiscreen distribution strategies create increasing complexity in their content protection systems.

It highlights the four key drivers that are causing pay-TV companies to reconsider their existing CAS/DRM architectures, and explains the reasons for moving toward a more unified approach that streamlines the implementation and operation of content security across multiple networks and devices.

Those key drivers are:

  • Rationalize Legacy
    • Rationalizing multiple security clients drives efficiency & consistency across all services
  • Ensure Adaptive Security
    • The ability to support the best possible end-to-end security on every device is key to driving service growth
  • Be Ready for 4K
    • “Enhanced Content” (Ultra HD, HDR) Is coming and it’s driving increased security requirements
  • Reach Every Device
    • Efficiently supporting open CE devices is critical to success

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