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Las Vegas – Cheseaux, January 6th, 2006 – At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2006 in Las Vegas, Nagravision is demonstrating its capability to deploy a Conditional Access System solution in line with the new US cable DCAS (Downloadable Conditional Access System) concept.

During the last two years, Nagravision, as a technology leader, has been a pioneer in collaborating closely with, namely, Comcast and STB vendors to develop a new generation of interoperable client solutions for digital cable allowing for both flexibility and innovation.

By proving its capability to offer a DCAS-compatible solution, Nagravision has demonstrated its ability to anticipate the evolution of the US cable industry by supporting an interoperable architecture where the cable operator is free to manage CAS and Set Top Box vendors in an independent way - a new trend that the leading US cable operators wished for.

The demonstration done by Nagravision, Comcast and LG Electronics at the CES is the first step to show the functionalities of a CAS architecture.

Furthers steps in the DCAS process will allow the US cable industry to benefit from new creative and revenue generating features that will be offered by STB suppliers and world class CAS suppliers.

In this new environment, CAS providers will be able to offer creative secure solutions in an evolutionary environment, using secure silicon devices. This CAS approach allows cable operators to offer a simple and cost effective retail solution for consumers as compared to today’s environment.

Please refer to the joint Nagravision, Comcast and LG press release for further information.

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