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New Economics of Pay-TV: An Industry In Change And the Need to Unlock New Capital

In this blog Olivier Biot examines how traditional one-way operators can release capital to support the cost of business transformation and the digitization of services for new strategic initiatives.
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New Economics of Pay-TV: Why Fit-for-Purpose Security is Essential for Streaming Services.

In this blog, Olivier Biot considers why media and entertainment providers and pay-TV operators need to embrace fit-for-purpose security to protect investments as pirates move to a wider array of attacks. This is particularly prevalent with streaming services where larger attack surfaces provide pirates with a broader landscape to source content from.
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Dentro de la mente de un pirata - Parte 3: Consejos para el sector de los M&E

En el último blog de la serie, Tim Pearson analiza la parte final de una entrevista de NAGRA con un pirata y considera cómo puede seguir respondiendo la industria a los retos que plantea la piratería de contenidos y servicios.
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Dentro de la mente de un pirata - Parte 2: Cómo funciona el ecosistema pirata

En nuestra más reciente entrega, Tim Pearson continúa la serie explorando los conocimientos adquiridos en una entrevista reciente de NAGRA con un pirata. Repasa cómo los piratas operan y distribuyen sus servicios y cómo la sólida defensa de la industria de los medios de comunicación y el entretenimiento es a menudo el mejor ataque.
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Dentro de la mente de un pirata - Parte 1: ¿Por qué dedicarse a la piratería?

En el primer blog de una nueva serie sobre los problemas de la piratería, Tim Pearson analiza una reciente entrevista de NAGRA a un pirata y la perspectiva que ofrece a la industria de los medios de comunicación y el entretenimiento.
ANGACOM Blog June 2023

ANGA COM: Full of bustle, pace and an industry intent on solving challenges

In this blog, Tim Pearson reflects on the recent ANGA COM tradeshow in Cologne.  An event with pace, bustle and a fair amount of Kölsch as the industry discussed the best ways to tackle today’s challenges. 
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Kudelski Group Expands Quantum Security Solutions to Address Advanced and Evolving Threat Landscape

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Safeguarding premium Content with Anti-Piracy Solutions

Focus on Piracy: How Keeping Pirates at Bay Can Safeguard Growth

In our latest blog, Olivier Biot explores how premium content can be safeguarded from piracy attacks. He also discusses examples of where NAGRA has helped content rights owners disrupt piracy for premium live content.
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Chopin PR

Chopin Launches Advanced Streaming Service to Meet Consumer Demand and Increase Subscriber Base

NAGRA’s OpenTV turn-key solution ensures the fastest time-to-market for Chopin Cable Television – and other Polish operators – to deliver subscribers a feature-rich multiscreen content