LR webinar

Succeeding in Video by Enhancing the Viewing Experience

Insightful webinar unveils how regional service providers are reaping the many benefits of finding a solution that delivers against customer needs.
Top C Level Talks

Uma tecnologia apenas não evita que a pirataria aconteça

Em evento do TOP-C Level Latam, principal hub dos executivos C-Level da indústria de mídia e entretenimento da América Latina, Danilo Almeida - Diretor de Engenharia de Software e Novos Negócios da NAGRA – fala sobre a importância de combinar tecnologias e elevar o nível de proteção na cadeia de distribuição de ponta a ponta.
bp webinar

CDN & Security: A Winning Combination Through Which to Combat Piracy

How are leading operators such as Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica deploying new security and CDN tools to monetise their OTT ecosystem? Read more on this blog from Sebastian Kramer
PVOD Blog 1

PVOD Blog Series - Part One: How complicated can it be? Five Considerations and Challenges of PVOD Content Distribution

The economic damage of PVOD piracy to businesses is real. Learn why spending millions of dollars on marketing can end up being a waste if your customers seek what you promote on pirate services.
istock VOD explosion

Managing the VOD Explosion: A Land of Opportunity

How are key stakeholders from the European Film and TV industry – rights owners, distributors, aggregators and VOD service providers – seizing the VOD opportunity to boost reach and revenue?
Press release

Kudelski Security Enriches Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Services with Integration of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint


방송사에서 워터마킹을 채택하는 것이 뉴노멀의 일부가 되고 있습니까?

NAGRA의 김형준 한국 지사장이 콘텐츠 유출 및 불법 사용의 증가하는 위험을 추적하기 위해 워터마킹 솔루션을 채택하는 방송사에 대한 자신의 생각과 업계가 투자 보호를 위해 혁신적인 전략을 추진하기 시작한 이유를 공유합니다.
India blog

Shining a Light on the Indian OTT Market

Have you ever wondered how OTT operators with large deployments in the cloud are delivering their contents, while facing challenges from scalability to security?
Let me address them here.
Press release

IPVconnect Launches Fully Featured Streaming Solution to Expand Subscriber Base

Leverages NAGRA’s US Streaming Solution to deliver new levels of engagement to broadband and video subscribers