richard north rugbypass
Interviews with Industry Leaders: Richard North and Alex Borthwick, RugbyPass
Richard North, Chief Strategy Officer, and Alex Borthwick, Head of Subscription Sales and Marketing for RugbyPass, share their views on the future prospects for OTT sports streaming services, including challenges specific to APAC.
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tvkey cloud award
TVkey Cloud, developed by NAGRA and Samsung, wins Pay-TV Service Innovation of the Year at the VideoTech Innovation Awards
TVkey Cloud, recognized by industry leaders as “a much better way to watch television”, brings secure premium pay-TV services directly to Internet-connected smart TVs quickly and efficiently – no external device needed
Taking a holistic approach to fighting streaming piracy
Addressing the piracy challenge is no longer a question of asking “should I do something?” but “am I doing the right thing?”
Pay-TV Innovation Forum Video Series: Jon Watts, MTM
Jon Watts, Managing Partner at MTM, shares his views on key trends and developments in the US pay-TV industry.
Is Pay TV ready to disrupt the disruptors?
Operators should embrace OTT content to become ‘super-aggregators'
PAYTVIF Stefan Van Engen
Interviews with Industry Leaders: Stefan Van Engen, SVP Content Programming & Acquisitions, xumo
Stefan Van Engen, SVP Content Programming & Acquisitions at xumo, the AVOD OTT service, shares his views on growth of linear AVOD services and what that means for the pay-TV industry.
Is the pay-TV industry ready for digital transformation?
Digital transformation is critical to future-proofing the pay-TV industry, and the industry acknowledges its need to transform.
Simon Trudelle
The new role of aggregation in pay-TV
The rise of on-demand OTT multiscreen services has transformed the entertainment landscape forever. But let’s be honest, the dizzying array of choice isn’t an entirely good thing – we’ve now reached a fragmentation tipping point.
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iot microsoft pr
Kudelski Group to secure devices connecting to Azure IoT in new partnership with Microsoft
The Kudelski IoT Security Platform enables devices to connect to Azure IoT using secure, zero-touch provisioning, simplifying deployment of IoT projects at scale