Why world-class Telco operators choose NAGRA to secure their business (Part Two): How service protection enables growth

Tim Pearson explains the six elements of the Active Streaming Protection toolset, and how Wynk, a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel, has deployed NAGRA’s cloud.SSP solution, enabling it to secure any device across its subscriber network.

In our previous interview with Tim Pearson, Senior Director, Product Marketing at NAGRA, we discussed the key security challenges telco operators face both at a technological and business level, and how NAGRA is helping to overcome the pirate threat.

In this second instalment, Tim explains the six elements of the Active Streaming Protection toolset, and how one operator has deployed NAGRA’s cloud.SSP solution, enabling it to secure any device across its subscriber network.

Can you explain some of the tools available to operators within the Active Streaming Protection toolset?

Active Streaming Protection has six key elements that can work independently, or together, depending on the provider’s business need:

active streaming protection


A key enabler of Active Streaming Protection is NAGRA’s Security Service Platform (NAGRA cloud.SSP), an advanced, flexible and modular security platform that allows pay-TV operators to manage all types of devices via one unified platform while ensuring best-of-breed security overall.

Can you give an example of a provider that has taken up Active Service Protection?

Since September 2019, we have been working with Wynk, a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel, India’s largest integrated telecom company, which has deployed NAGRA’s cloud.SSP to secure its Airtel Xstream app as it expands. Built as an India-first video network for premium digital content, Airtel Xstream offers more than 10,000 shows and movies, and 350 live TV channels, and has been downloaded over 50 million times.

This growth has created two challenges – the service was potentially becoming more open to pirates; which meant content owners were increasingly demanding confirmation that their content would be protected on the service before granting licenses.

Wynk chose NAGRA’s cloud.SSP because it can be deployed on an operator’s private cloud environment or as a SaaS offering via the public cloud. It can also manage concurrent sessions, device authentication, forensic watermarking, anti-piracy services and other important aspects of a pay-TV operator’s service without the need for additional third-party solutions – all key elements of the Active Streaming Protection toolset.

With NAGRA cloud.SSP in place, Wynk is able to securely deliver content to any device. By also making it possible to manage all devices via one cloud-based unified platform, it has reduced the complexity of delivering and securing content – enabling Wynk to scale its security in line with emerging threats to both its service and wider business.

How successful has the deployment been?

Since the September 2019 launch, over 1.5 billion multi-DRM licenses have been served via the platform, demonstrating the ability to scale successfully and securely. This growth of the service in such a short time is impressive, and Wynk should be congratulated for achieving such scale. This milestone also marks a record number of multi-DRM licenses served by NAGRA’s cloud.SSP, and is a clear demonstration of how the right solutions can help reduce complexity, seamlessly scale, react to the needs of consumers and connect consumers to the content they love on any device – and in a highly secure environment.

Has NAGRA’s multi-DRM solution been deployed with any other telco providers?

Alongside Airtel, NAGRA has also been working with a range of operators including; Altice, Vodafone and Telefonica, all which have deployed our multi-DRM solution as a baseline for their secure streaming strategy based on NAGRA’s Active Streaming Protection approach.

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