2017_Report_Ampere_Television Tribes
Television Tribes: The Secret to Driving and Maximizing Pay-TV Revenues
White Paper - November 2017
Despite the onslaught of OTT video platforms, existing cable, satellite and IPTV operators will dominate the pay-TV market for the foreseeable future. But with growth stalling in many markets, new strategies are needed to attract and retain customers.

This report is a study developed in partnership with UK-based research firm Ampere Analysis, that unveils pay-TV consumer viewing types and how pay-TV operators can unlock new revenue opportunities by catering to their complex needs.

Inside you will learn about:
• The five main pay-TV consumer types, including the ‘Content Connoisseur’, the most valuable TV Tribe
• Strategies pay-TV operators can use to cater to new consumer demands through a compelling mix of content, user experience and technology
• The top ten actions pay-TV operators can take to defend their positions in a new pay-TV era
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