2017_White Paper_Sports Piracy_part 2
NAGRA Technology & Services Drive Results in War on Piracy
White Paper - October 2017
This is Part Two of our anti-piracy white paper series “Protecting Premium Sports Rights in an Era of Rampant Piracy”.

As Internet theft takes an ever greater toll on the bottom lines of stakeholders in sports and other streamed programming, the good news is that successful initiatives against piracy are demonstrating this is a battle worth fighting.

While Part One provided an in-depth look at the scope and methods of online piracy now confronting live sports rights holders and the new developments underlying the spread of piracy, Part Two of the series explores the technical innovations, automated processes and other measures applied by NAGRA’s anti-piracy and legal teams in support of the growing number of initiatives that are empowering rights holders and operators to effectively battle piracy on a scale commensurate with its reach and impact on stakeholders’ bottom lines.
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