2016_White Paper_Anti-Piracy
The New Face of Pay-TV Piracy and How to Fight it
White Paper - September 2016
The fght against piracy is ever evolving. As new technologies become available to pirates and consumers, the nature of piracy has largely shifted to the Internet. Piracy now takes many different forms, in particular with plug and play devices capable of streaming content to the big screen. This means a new approach is required to fght illegal content distribution and return viewers to the legitimate video value chain.

This white paper explores the nature and impact of piracy, as well as how it has evolved alongside changes in consumer technology and expectations. The paper also details the methods and approaches required to successfully battle these new kinds of piracy in order to manage the impact that it has on hardworking businesses. Finally, the report outlines the competitive advantages that NAGRA gives its clients to help them be successful in their fight.
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