Reclaim your premium content investment with NexGuard, the world’s leading forensic watermarking technology
NAGRA supports the entire premium content lifecycle, with forensic watermarking solutions for pre-release, network ID, digital cinema, OTT streaming and pay-TV workflows.
Forensic watermarking is a key component in the delivery of high-value content.
Key characteristics of NexGuard watermarking include:

NexGuard watermarking has no impact on the quality of viewing experience.


It survives severe content degradation, beyond the point that the content has any commercial value.

Blind detection

Forensic investigation on NexGuard watermarking is fully automated.

Content protection beyond DRM
As a means of ensuring that programming reaches the correct user at the correct time and on the correct device, CAS and DRM systems are an ideal solution, offering scalability and security benefits that are well-known. However, once playback begins, these technologies offer little-to-no protection against the capture and redistribution of the content.

NAGRA NexGuard forensic watermarking for video and audio content allows the creator or service operator to embed a unique serial number in the content as it is playing. This payload remains completely imperceptible to the consumer while at the same time being resistant to nearly any transformation of the video in size, format or resolution.
Forensic watermarking for premium VOD
As premium VOD content is released both earlier and in higher-resolution formats, such as 4K Ultra HD, content owners and MVPDs are seeing the need for more effective controls against illicit redistribution. Session-based forensic watermarking is the single most effective tool for adding traceability to valuable content. NexGuard pay-TV set-top box and OTT streaming technologies offer video watermarking protection for early release and UHD/HDR VOD movies as they are distributed through cable, satellite, IPTV and OTT streaming services.
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Watermarking for OTT clients
The key to combatting piracy for live sport events is to identify its source and shut it down quickly. Subscriber-level watermarking fits the bill, but for streaming services, it needs to be implemented in an architecture that does not impact the critical components already tuned for peak demand associated with major sporting events. QuickMark is a new forensic watermarking approach that provisions a unique inseparable identifier in each client’s output. The solution provides a simple, lightweight integration for secure OTT players to protect the insertion of the watermark on the client device.
NAGRA Secure
Secure your pre-release workflows
Any leak occurring on pre-release or pre-aired content has a very high impact on revenues and marketing activities. To prevent this situation, studios, content owners, post-houses and online video platforms individually watermark the pre-release files throughout their content post-production, promotion and distribution workflows, thus allowing the tracing of any leak back to the specific department or third party that received the file. This traceability provides a strong deterrent against leaking.
NexGuard Pre-Release
Network ID provides live SDI & satellite watermarking capabilities for broadcasters & playout centres.
Know the distribution path used to pirate your channel.

NexGuard Network ID is the solution to make an informed decision on how anti-piracy budget is most effectively used. This forensic watermarking technology specifically developed for live broadcast distribution chain enables content owners and distributors to identify the distribution path or affiliate in case of a leak.
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