APOS 2020 Virtual Series Showcase

Our latest solutions are designed to help APAC service providers secure their services in an OTT environment,
unify their technologies and services, and leverage data and AI to make better strategic decisions. Find out more below!
Protect your service, secure your revenue
Part of our active streaming protection approach, our world-leading NexGuard forensic watermarking solutions enable you to go beyond compliance with content owner requirements to prevent and trace content leaks back to the source, disrupt pirate activity, and protect your service and your revenue. Additionally, benefit from advanced security, secure playback, secure streaming, and anti-piracy services to enable a comprehensive and successful data-driven active streaming protection strategy backed by robust security analytics.
Unify your technologies, consolidate your services
Our OpenTV Video Platform allows you to maintain your existing pay-TV ​investment, while unifying technologies and consolidating services across ​all your networks and devices for your entire consumer base with a consumer-focused solution that springboards innovation and positively drives business growth.
OpenTV Experience
Leverage AI-driven data & analytics
The NAGRA Insight business recommendation platform helps operators make better strategic decisions, drive their business more effectively and improve their business line, using data and AI, in four critical areas: subscriber value, content, operations, and advertising.
On the agenda
Exclusive on-demand interview
Hear André Kudelski, Chairman & CEO, Kudelski Group, with special guest Manuel Rougeron, EVP, APAC, CANAL+ International, in the session: "The Future of Video Platforms, Product Innovation & Security in the D2C Landscape", available on-demand to registered attendees from July 21-23, 2020.

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