The problem of illegal content redistribution is already very serious and growing fast. While CAS/DRM solutions keep honest customers honest, forensic watermarking helps track down piracy of live or recorded content once it has already occurred. To understand the scope of your online piracy problem and take appropriate action, NAGRA gives you secure implementation and control of the world’s leading watermarking technology, NexGuard, with advanced detection and response services so that you can reclaim control over your premium content investment.

Session-Based Watermarking for VOD

MovieLabs recommends forensic watermarking for high-value 4K Ultra HD content and early-release VOD content. Our studio customers agree.


  • Support for device-side and OTT delivery
  • Effective for both streamed and downloaded content
  • Even works with camcorded copies

Watermarking for Live Channels

Remove illegal competition from pirate streaming sites


  • Device-side or OTT watermarking
  • Advanced NAGRA monitoring and detection services
  • Puts control back in the hands of operators and content owners

Key Benefits


  • The world's most-used watermarking technology
  • Secure watermarking client in the STB
  • Implemented according to NAGRA’s well-established NASC (NAGRA Advanced Security Certification) guidelines to protect it from tampering while guaranteeing a consistent implementation across STB models
  • Controlled by the NAGRA Security Services Platform (SSP) for the selective application of the watermark to the desired content
  • Updated securely by the NAGRA SSP if a new algorithm required in order to stay one step ahead of content pirates
  • Server-side watermarking solution for streaming and downloaded content delivered to any device