Holistic Content Protection for Any Content, Any Network, Any Device

There is no “one-size-fits-all” CAS or DRM solution. That’s why NAGRA provides tailored solutions that match the specific security and cost of ownership requirements of any pay-TV business, whatever the content value, network or device, combining cutting-edge one- and two-way cardless clients, smart cards, DRM clients and multi-DRM management – all using a single Security Services Platform that drives efficiency and security across all screens. That’s why pay-TV service providers trust NAGRA to protect more than US$70 billion of their revenues year over year.

The NAGRA Security Services Platform goes beyond simple CAS and DRM management to give you complete control of content protection across all your networks, devices and use cases.

Manage your NAGRA CAS and DRM clients as well as third-party DRMs, but also home domains, concurrent sessions, device authentication, forensic watermarking and other important aspects of your service without having to resort to additional third-party solutions. The NAGRA Security Services Platform provides a single, modular, scalable, multi-tenant solution – either on premises or in the cloud – so you can grow your video business and not the number of vendors you have to manage.

Connected Solutions

NAGRA CONNECT is a single, converged CAS/DRM client that fully supports the multi-network, multi-device, multi-use case reality, thereby reducing complexity and cost. It can be implemented on set-top boxes, open devices or selected Connected TVs, and also includes the ability to secure Netflix streaming to STBs. It’s approved by third-party auditors and Hollywood studios for 4K Ultra HD, and is used by some of the world’s most advanced cable, satellite and telco service providers.

Broadcast Solutions

NAGRA provides one-way content protection solutions matched to the value of your services. From advanced cardless solutions that independent auditors call “more likely to prevent a commercially viable pirate attack than many smartcard systems" to the world’s most advanced smartcard with full transport stream processing and on-board descrambling, NAGRA has both broadcast and hybrid solutions specifically tailored to your business needs.

NAGRA-Enabled Devices

NAGRA content protection technologies are widely integrated with the industry’s leading chipsets and devices. They not only provide the industry’s best-in-class security, but also enable a range of use cases and business models that can reach new market segments and generate new revenue streams. Here are just a few.

NAGRA On-Chip Security

NAGRA set-top box clients leverage the industry’s most advanced hardware-based security foundation: NAGRA On-Chip Security (NOCS), proprietary hardware technology to give you more robust, longer-lasting security and more innovative functionalities (like hardware-based cardless solutions). NOCS is widely deployed by all leading chipset vendors and set-top box manufacturers. And if you require a different approach, we will work with you to ensure your requirements are met.

Key Benefits

  • A unified Security Services Platform to manage all dimensions of service protection.
  • The industry’s most complete portfolio including:
    • Hardware-based cardless for broadcast
    • Custom-built smart cards
    • Converged, multi-network CAS/DRM for connected devices
  • The industry’s largest team of security experts and most advanced R&D facilities
  • More effective security through complete control of the end-to-end security architecture
  • The unique ability to renew security and recover from breaches, even when the SoC is compromised