Piracy takes on many forms – from key sharing for broadcast services, to content sharing of live events and premium VOD titles over the Internet. Whether you are a content owner or a pay-TV service provider, you need a strategic security partner who has the expertise, resources, technology and global reach to help you understand piracy and fight these constantly evolving threats. We work with you to establish objectives and KPIs so that you have full visibility on the scope of your piracy problem and tangible results.

Anti-Piracy Intelligence Portal

Get a real-time view of worldwide online piracy trends, threat statuses, news and in-depth reports, as well as quick and easy access to all of your monitoring data, including: details of illegal services impacting your content, information on infrastructure behind illegal services as well statistics and status on take-down requests. Navigation between channels, services, hosting providers and takedowns is simplified through an intuitive interface and allows you to quickly gather insights on possible relationships between the different players in the illegal services distribution chain.

Key Sharing Piracy

Illegitimate service providers use key sharing to profit from an operator's content distribution network. Over the last decade, we have secured our customers' services and nearly eradicated key sharing piracy both over the Internet and over satellite in North America, Latin America and Africa. What's more, our unique technical countermeasures identify and suspend illegitimate services in advanced piracy contexts. The result: our customers benefit from increased demand for legitimate pay-TV services.

Content Sharing Piracy

Content sharing is today’s greatest threat to the revenue of operators and content providers. NAGRA can help you understand how content sharing works and work with you to define and prioritize action plans to eliminate the threat. We combine deep intelligence about global pirate networks with real-time monitoring, takedown and litigation capabilities that  improve your defense against online content sharing piracy and protect your reputation, consumer data and your bottom line.

Key Benefits

  • Deep insight into broadcast and online piracy backed by 20 years of forensic investigation and response for 150+ international clients
  • Experienced analysts and advanced automated systems that monitor the Internet for your content
  • Leading forensic watermarking technologies that allow us to identify the source of leaked content and respond quickly
  • A large, multi-disciplinary team of experts to monitor, identify and react to pirated services and content with all procedural, technical and legal means necessary
  • Additional cybersecurity services to ensure the integrity of your IT infrastructure and data