We protect our clients' premium content value by securing their channels, live events and movies.

We help our customers proactively fight the growing scale and sophistication of ever-evolving piracy threats, whether on broadcast systems or threats like IPTV piracy using Kodi add-ons. NAGRA helps studios, sports rights owners, and  pay-TV service providers sustain and increase the prices they can charge for their premium content using state-of-the-art technologies and anti-piracy services to globally understand, manage and disrupt the ecosystem in which piracy operates.

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Content Sharing Protection

Content sharing is today’s greatest threat to the revenue of service providers and content owners. As the piracy threat against the media industry grows, some believe nothing can be done. NAGRA challenges this idea by bringing real solutions that get real results for our clients. We combine deep intelligence about global pirate networks with real-time monitoring, takedown and litigation services and watermarking technologies that improve your defense against online content sharing piracy and protect your reputation, consumer data and your bottom line.

Content Protection Services Highlights

At NAGRA, we deliver a holistic approach to fight all fronts of the piracy eco-system. We provide Technology, Forensics, Enforcement & Litigation services for pay-tv service providers, sports right holders and studios who want to protect the value of their content live and non live. NAGRA’S tailored services such as program management, consulting, legal support, forensic technologies, intelligence & investigations as well as advanced takedown provides a unique advantage in the overall anti-piracy strategic program of our customers. Download our Anti-Piracy Services brochure to learn more

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Key Benefits

NAGRA provides the best protection against piracy threats thanks to:

  • Our global presence: NAGRA has security experts in 33 countries and can take investigative and legal action in most countries around the world.
  • Our Technology Leadership: NAGRA counts more than 2000 engineers amongst its staff and invests USD 200M annually in R&D.
  • Our Security Excellence: NAGRA has some of the best experts in pay-TV security and cybersecurity, equipped with state-of-the-art security attack labs.
  • Our Experience: NAGRA has been fighting piracy for the last 20 years to protect the business of 150+ international clients including some of the world's largest pay-TV operators.

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