Protecting the value chain

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In our latest blog post, Tim Pearson, Senior Director of Product Marketing, explains why pay-TV operators now require a level of scalable service protection to remain one step ahead.

By Tim Pearson, Senior Director, Product Marketing at NAGRA

Traditionally, content protection focused on conditional access, DRM and mDRM. This placed the emphasis on protecting the content rather than the end-to-end service.  Equally, as operators have expanded their businesses either organically or non-organically, their need to scale has been matched by their need to protect their increasingly large investments.  Consequently, operators now require a level of scalable service protection to remain one step ahead.

As these services have evolved, it has become more difficult to gain full visibility into how the entire value chain can be secured. OTT, subscription sharing, distribution of content over non-proprietary networks and an increasing demand for IoT products, have widened the sphere of security concerns beyond the traditional. Decision-makers and executives at every level of a pay-TV operator’s organisation – whether in content, technology, marketing or otherwise – must all be able to give reassurances that the content will be protected throughout its journey to the consumer.  This is paramount to running an efficient business, where customer relationships are built on trust; however, addressing such concerns requires a holistic security approach.

NAGRA has long been a trusted security partner to many the world’s pay-TV operators and has a comprehensive set of tools to address the challenges posed by today’s broader consumer propositions. To enable operators and content owners to gain full visibility into their current security solution, we’ve developed a new framework to help operators navigate the best course.  We’ve called this framework RADAR: Rapid Decisioning and Response.

Based on a modular approach, our RADAR framework addresses all elements of content and service protection to help providers navigate the connected world and the threats within it. We map an operator’s current security solution against a number of distinct axes including monetisation, network convergence, service protection, and analytics & business intelligence, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the threat level.

Plotting the level of coverage the operator has for a specific threat, the framework enables the operator to identify where they are vulnerable and how NAGRA can work with them to address these threats through its innovative range of products, solutions and services.

An example may be where an operator has not considered the level of threat the connected home may have on their overall proposition or how additional watermarking capabilities may allow an operator to drive new monetisation approaches.

With technology evolving, threats to content, and the entire pay-TV industry, have also evolved. It’s now time to move beyond the tools traditionally used to secure content and give service providers the control they need to protect their content across the entire value chain – and in doing so, leveraging the opportunities it enables.

However, identifying, mapping and overcoming the threats remains a challenge – arguably more so given the increasing levels of solution complexity encountered by today’s pay-TV landscape. Such complexity requires an integrated approach to secure todays challenges and have a solid plan in place to address tomorrow’s emerging threats.  NAGRA has the products, solutions and services to help navigate these choppy waters and stay ahead of the threats and ensure operators reach calmer seas.

NAGRA’s full range of content value protection featuring scalable service protection will be on display at IBC 2019, from September 13 to 17, on booth 1.C81. For more information on NAGRA’s IBC 2019 showcase, visit