Pay-TV Innovation Forum | March-September 2017

London, Singapore, Las Vegas and Amsterdam.

How will leading pay-TV service providers respond to changing consumer demand and expectations?

How can advanced data and analytics enable pay-TV service providers to better serve their customers?

What growth prospects lie ahead and how can pay-TV service providers, content owners and the studios work together to best leverage opportunities?



Get your copy of one of the most comprehensive reports yet on the global state of innovation in the pay-TV industry. Providing valuable insights and a year-over-year comparison with 2016 findings, it highlights some of the most important challenges facing pay-TV providers and content owners, exploring key market trends, the impact of piracy and perspectives on the most attractive areas of opportunity and innovation priorities – in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America.

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Developed by NAGRA, in partnership with leading research consultancy MTM, the Pay-TV Innovation Forum is a new global research program for senior pay-TV executives with the mission of exploring the innovations and strategies that will drive the next phase of growth for pay-TV operators – in TV, OTT and adjacent markets. It covers 42 countries across four regions – Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and Latin America. 

The 2017 programme runs from March to September 2017 and includes a global analysis of pay-TV service provider product and service portfolios, in-depth interviews and surveys with leading industry participants, and a series of regional seminars in the United States, Europe and Asia. The flagship final report, summarising the key findings from the programme was unveiled early September 2017.


Key discussion topics include:
• The growth and development of OTT including new direct-to-consumer offerings, pay-TV provider OTT services, and new video offerings from major internet businesses like Facebook and Google;
• The development of mobile-first and VR offerings, as part of the pay-TV ecosystem;
• The changing nature of piracy, exploring new developments across the industry;
• The changing pay-TV consumer experience and the nature of consumer demand;
• The impact of public and private cloud and virtualisation on the development, management and distribution of pay-TV services.


Missed one of our regional 2017 seminars?
You can still learn about the initial findings in our press releases for North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, and check out our SlideShare page for related presentations!
Additional articles and latest interviews with pay-TV executives can be found in our Newsroom or at the bottom of this page.

The work of the 2016 Pay-TV Innovation Forum

As the seminar series came to a close, we shared the regional findings in the form of a series of white papers for Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and Latin America, each highlighting specific insights on pay-TV operators innovation opportunities in each region.

We are pleased to share the global learnings from the overall 2016 program in "The Global Pay-TV Innovation Landscape: Industry Perspectives on Challenges and Opportunities," which summarizes the key findings and provides cross-regional comparisons. This latest white paper was unveiled at the 2016 IBC Show in Amsterdam and is available for download here.

White Papers

Get the Pay-TV Innovation Forum white paper series

The Global Pay-TV Innovation Landscape: Industry Perspectives on a Year of Change

White Paper – September 2017

The Global Pay-TV Innovation Landscape: Industry Perspectives on Challenges and Opportunities

White Paper – September 2016

The Pay-TV Innovation Landscape in Latin America

White Paper - September 2016

The Pay-TV Innovation Landscape in North America

White Paper - August 2016

Mapping the European Pay-TV Landscape

White Paper - July 2016

The Pay-TV Innovation Landscape in Asia Pacific

White Paper - August 2016