Internet TV Evolution

Engage audiences with an innovative multi-journey user experience, drive active service monetisation and continuous solution renewal with OpenTV Signature Edition.


Connect People to the Content They Love...


Ecosystem efficiency is at the heart of today's pay-TV network operations. Reduce complexity and friction for time-to-market efficiencies delivering operational and management cost-savings.


Deliver the very best user experience that elegantly guides the consumer on the journey to the content they love with multiple content discovery journeys blended into one experience.


Enable a highly personalized video entertainment experience that incorporates AI for better informed decision making on content and services. Update content on-the-fly and promote in real-time to subscribers using the Operator Console.


A Highly Personalised Experience

When you gather the right data, you discover a wealth of information that helps you create smarter products, services and interactions to maintain a competitive edge. Our Operator Console helps you deliver a highly personalised video entertainment experience that incorporates AI. Make better informed decisions, update content on-the-fly and promote it in real-time.

Your Android TV Journey

Enhance all types of TV viewing using the OpenTV Ion User Interface and multi-journey user Experience with the additional smarts of Android TV. Viewers will have an unparalleled personalized experience with additional features blended into an outstanding, intuitive ergonomically designed and aesthetically pleasing use experience. On-board apps and SVOD services easily in a unique and operator-branded user experience on a wide range of devices.
NAGRA OpenTV Signature Edition

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The World's First Multi-Journey User Experience

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