NEW! Anti-Piracy Thought-Leadership Series (Part Two): NAGRA Technology & Services Drive Results in War on Piracy

From ScreenPlays Magazine Market Intelligence - October 4, 2017

NAGRA Technology & Services Drive Results in War on Piracy

Pirated Sports Streams Are Now Vulnerable to Immediate Disruptions

As Internet theft takes an ever greater toll on the bottom lines of stakeholders in sports and other streamed programming the good news is that successful initiatives against piracy are demonstrating this is a battle worth fighting.

But it’s a war that can only be won through the cumulative impact of incremental actions undertaken by individual producers and distributors who have the support of the technology and knowhow essential to causing real damage to wrongdoers. This is why NAGRA has made the commitment to ensuring such support is readily at hand in every corner of the world for any company that needs it no matter the size or type of problem they’re confronting.

To address these needs NAGRA has expanded its global anti-piracy operations through investments in technology innovation and additional staffing of the technical, monitoring, takedown and legal support services that have long anchored the company’s position as the leading trusted content protection partner to some of the world’s most successful pay-TV companies. Critically, NAGRA has made it possible for customers to meet what is arguably the biggest challenge by enabling effective real-time action against illicit streaming of high-value sports programming.

In Part 2 of this series we look at the impact these efforts are having as revealed in several key court decisions that are part of the growing response to piracy by rights holders, operators in the distribution chain and other entities worldwide. The discussion will explore the technical innovations, automated processes and other measures applied by NAGRA’s anti-piracy and legal teams in support of the growing number of initiatives that are demonstrating the industry is now empowered to effectively battle piracy on a scale commensurate with its reach and impact on stakeholders’ bottom lines.

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