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  • The license agreement allows E-DOMUS to produce and market Conditional Access Modules integrating Nagravision's Conditional Access System
  • First fully certified Conditional Access Modules available by the beginning of 2010
  • Strong growth trend in the CAM market in Europe

Cheseaux, Switzerland – February 18, 2010 – Nagravision, a Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.VX) company and the world's leading independent provider of value-added content protection solutions, today announced that it has signed a license agreement with E-DOMUS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, a leading fabless independent provider of Audio/Video platforms including competitive Conditional Access Modules (CAMs), enabling it to produce and market CAMs integrating Nagravision's Conditional Access Systems (CAS).

The CAMs produced by E-DOMUS will comply with Nagravision’s NASC (Nagra Advanced Security Concept) and NOCS (Nagra On Chip Security) highly secure security specifications. E-DOMUS plans to have a fully certified CAM in Spain by the beginning of 2010, allowing for rapid subsequent commercial roll-out. Armando Cantalbiano, Chairman of E-DOMUS, declared "We want to become an important player in Europe's retail CAM markets by consolidating our strong existing position as Set Top Box supplier. Integrating Nagravision's CAS will definitely help us achieve this objective".

NASC and NOCS deployed by more than 100 operators and 50 manufacturers

Nagravision’s NASC and NOCS requirements contribute to the protection of the entire CA system in order to avoid the traditional and future pirate threats. Nagravision’s state-of-the-art Nagra On Chip Security (NOCS) technology has been certified on over 30 chipsets from all the major chipset suppliers. This represents a large installed base of more than 30 million set-top boxes and pay TV devices from over 50 manufacturers.

Positive trend in the CAM market

This new license agreement demonstrates the Kudelski Group's willingness to support the fast developing conditional access module market by integrating its state-of-the-art security technologies with key CAM manufacturers. Pierre Roy, COO of Nagravision, said: "We’re glad to establish this partnership with E-DOMUS, which is fully in line with our support to the development of open horizontal, retail pay TV markets in Europe".

Note to the editor
Conditional Access Modules are used daily by millions of subscribers worldwide. They address the needs of the rapidly expanding market of removable security modules used to secure consumer electronic equipment such as integrated digital television sets or set-top boxes. These modules enable access to pay-TV programs and services and to interactive applications such as pay-per-view, video-on-demand and games.

The E-DOMUS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Company is a fabless independent provider of Audio/Video platforms. E-DOMUS is led by a group of senior professionals with multiyear of unique experience in digital TV platforms, distribution and digital service. Some success stories with the partners involved as main actors are the launch of several digital TV platforms worldwide such as DirecTV, DISH Network, Mediaset Premium, BSkyB, Canal Plus, Freeview in the UK, Digital Terrestrial TV in Italy, the latest TDT Premium service in Spain and several others.

Thanks to its experience and solid partnership with 3rd party engineering teams, E-DOMUS has been able to rapidly develop a range of DVB-CI CAM products as well as DVB-CI+ products based on Nagravision's security technology.

About the Kudelski Group and Nagravision
The Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.VX) is a world leader in digital security and convergent media solutions for the delivery of digital and interactive content. Its technologies are used in a wide range of services and applications requiring access control and rights management to secure the revenue of content owners and service providers for digital television and interactive applications across broadcast, broadband and mobile delivery networks. The Kudelski Group is also a world technology leader in the area of access control and management of people or vehicles to sites and events. It additionally offers professional recorders and high-end Hi-Fi products. The Kudelski Group is headquartered in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland. Please visit for more information.

Nagravision, a Kudelski Group company, is the leading supplier of open conditional access systems, DRM and integrated on-demand solutions for content providers and digital TV operators over broadcast, broadband and mobile platforms. Its technologies are currently being used by more than 120 leading Pay-TV operators worldwide securing content delivered to over 114 million active smart cards and devices. Please visit for more information.


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